Raccoon City Police Department
Raccoon City Police Department
Aliases: RPD; R.P.D.
Continuity: Resident Evil
Type: Police department
Status: Inactive
Enemies: Zombies
First appearance: Resident Evil 2 (VG)

The Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) is a fictional police department featured in the Resident Evil multimedia franchise. The department first appeared in the 1998 video game, Resident Evil 2, by Capcom. It has also been featured in the Resident Evil film series. It was referenced in the 2002 film adaptation of Resident Evil, but made its first appearance in the 2004 sequel, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Elements of the RPD, in whole or in part (body parts in some cases), have been referenced in several subsequent sequel projects, usually in the form of its former officers.

History Edit

At the onset of the T-Virus outbreak, uniformed officers of the R.P.D. had to work overtime arresting people who were committing acts of extreme violence. Not realizing that these people were now zombies, the Raccoon City Police Department did not take proper precautions when it came to detaining them. As such, several officers were bitten, thus spreading the virus even further. One rogue cop, Jill Valentine, knew the exact nature of what was happening. She walked into the main waiting are of the building and opened fire on several suspects - all zombies, shooting them in the head. [1]

Members Edit

  • Matt Addison [2]

Notes Edit

  • R.P.D. and RPD are both acronyms that refer to the Raccoon City Police Department. Both links serve as short cuts to this page.
  • R.C.P.D. is not used as an acronym for the Raccoon City Police Department as these may relate to real-world law-enforcement agencies such as the Redwood City Police Department in Redwood City, California and the Rockville City Police Department in Rockville, Maryland.
  • The Raccoon City Police Department is referenced in two scenes from the first Resident Evil film. Matt Addison makes the claim that he was an officer of the R.P.D., who had only recently transferred to Raccoon City. At the end of the film, Alice walks out of the Raccoon City Hospital to witness the devastation wrought by the T-Virus outbreak. Three R.P.D. police squad cars can be seen immobile amidst the carnage.

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  1. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
  2. Claimed to be a member of the R.P.D., but this was actually just a cover story so he could have access to the Hive.; Resident Evil (2002)

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