Peter Hale
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Peter Hale
Aliases: Alpha werewolf
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills, California
Known relatives: Derek Hale [1]
Laura Hale [2]
Status: Alive
Died: 2011 [3]
1st appearance: "Wolf Moon" [4]
"Magic Bullet" [5]
Actor: Ian Bohen

Peter Hale is a recurring character and werewolf featured on the 2011 MTV television series Teen Wolf. He is played by actor Ian Bohen. As the primary antagonist in season one, Peter Hale was introduced as the Alpha werewolf in the pilot episode "Wolf Moon". He was re-introduced in human form in episode four, "Magic Bullet". The character was re-introduced, seemingly for a third time when he was resurrected in the season two episode, "Party Guessed".

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  1. Nephew.
  2. Niece, deceased.
  3. Original death; resurrected later.
  4. First appearance as the Alpha Werewolf only.
  5. First appearance as Peter Hale.

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