"Grand Guignol"
Series Penny Dreadful
Season 1, Episode 8
Penny Dreadful 1x08 001
Airdate June 29th, 2014
Writer John Logan
Director James Hawes
Producer Nicholas Brown; Sheila Hockin; James Flynn; Morgan O'Sullivan; Chris King; Karen Richards; Pippa Harris; Sam Mendes; John Logan
Starring Reeve Carney; Timothy Dalton; Eva Green; Rory Kinnear; Billie Piper; Danny Sapani; Harry Treadaway; Josh Hartnett
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Next "Fresh Hell"

"Grand Guignol" is the eighth episode of season one the supernatural drama series Penny Dreadful. It was directed by James Hawes with a script written by series creator John Logan. It first aired on Showtime on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at 10:00 pm. In this episode, Malcolm Murray leads the final charge to rescue his daughter, Mina, which results in a showdown at the Guignol theater. Ethan Chandler has to deal with a tragic loss, but also must contend with two Americans who have been hired to bring him home. Ethan's dark secret is finally revealed.

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  • The events of this episode take place in the winter of 1891.
  • Actress Helen McCrory is the only guest star in this episode whose character is identified by name in the closing credits.
  • Ethan Chandler's dark secret is finally revealed in this episode. He is a werewolf. This comes as small surprise to most viewers as it has been heavily implied that he was a werewolf all throughout the series, most notably in the opening credits, which shows the profile of a slavering wolf immediately followed by a shot of Ethan Chandler.

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  • This is the final appearance of Brona Croft as a living person; dies in this episode. Don't be too sad though. This is not the last you'll see of her. This episode sets the stage for Brona becoming a reanimate in the tradition of the Bride of Frankenstein.

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  • Maud Gunnerson: I'm sorry about Simon today. He's a beast sometimes, but he doesn't really mean it.
  • The Creature: Yes, he does. He makes you happy?
  • Maud Gunnerson: In a way. I suppose we take the happiness we can. Do you?
  • The Creature: I believe that lot is for others.


  • Mister Kidd: This goddamn country. What I wouldn't give for an ice chip. Or a cherry phosphate.
  • Warren Roper: Yeah. What if? You miss the cherry phosphates, Ethan? Name's Warren Roper. Friend here is Mister Kidd. No actual first name so far as I know. Of course he was raised Chirichua Apache before the Carlisle School Americanized him. Made him the proper Christian gent you see before you.


  • Vanessa Ives: Mina, I can save you.
  • Mina Murray: What makes you think I want to be saved?
  • Malcolm Murray: Look at me. Somewhere inside, you know who you are. Who you were meant to be.
  • Mina Murray: I am who I was meant to be. You'll understand when you join the master. When you all join him. And now that he has his bride... he will sire generations.



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