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Paul Leahy
Paul Leahy.jpg
Paul Leahy
Type: Murder victim
Gender: Male
Born: 1958
Died: 2004
Actor: Mike Butters

Paul Leahy was a minor character featured in the Saw film franchise. Played by Mike Butters, he was introduced in the first Saw film where his death was revealed via flashback. The character also made appearances in flashback in Saw IV and Saw V.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Paul Leahy was an overweight, 46-year-old man who came from a good family life and a respectable income. However, something in his life made Paul feel empty inside and he attempted to end his own life by slicing open his wrists. Paul survived however.

The serial killer known as Jigsaw learned about Paul's past and had him abducted. Obsessed with a need to show others the importance of life, he placed Paul into one of his many elaborate traps. Paul awakened naked inside of a chamber filled with barb wire. Jigsaw's voice came over a cassette player and rhetorically asked him if he truly wished to die, or if he was just looking for attention. In the past, Paul sliced himself open in the hopes of dying, but now he would have to slice himself open if he wanted to live. Jigsaw told him that he had two hours to claw his way through the intense jungle of barb wire to the other side or else a door set on a timer would close, sealing him inside the room forever. Paul made it further than many would have believed, but ultimately, he could not make it all the way. The lacerations from the barb wire cut into him so deeply that he eventually bled out.

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Paul's surname, Leahy, was first revealed in Saw IV.
  • Paul Leahy was the first on-screen victim of Jigsaw.
  • Actor Mike Butters also played a character named Office Buttsy in the 2010 film A Flesh Offering.

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