Owen Knopfler
Owen Knopfler
Franchise: Kingdom Universe
Notability: Minor character
Type: Business owner
Gender: Male
Location: Tarker's Mill, Maine
Associations: Owen's Bar
Status: Deceased
Died: 1976
1st appearance: Silver Bullet
Actor: Lawrence Tierney

Owen Knopfler is a fictional business owner and bartender and a minor character featured in the 1985 horror movie Silver Bullet. He was played by actor Lawrence Tierney in the film.

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Owen Knopfler was a middle-aged Caucasian male who lived in the town of Tarker's Mill in Maine. He was the owner of a drinking establishment called Owen's Bar, which is as good a name as any considering that it was in fact a bar and his first named was Owen.

Owen usually tended bar himself, and he had a strong discipline regarding rowdy customers. If patrons ever got out of hand, he would whip out his trusty baseball bat, which was inscribed with the words "The Peace Maker". Such was the case when two of his more verbal customers, Andy Fairton and Pete Maxwell nearly came to blows with one another.

The townsfolk of Tarker's Mill learned about a series of grisly murders and formed a search party in the hopes of ferreting out the killer on their own. Owen was part of the search party and brought his baseball bat with him. The killer was in fact a werewolf named Lester Lowe. While in werewolf form, Lowe systematically killed off every member of the search party, including Knopfler. He broke the Peace Maker and clubbed him several times with it.

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