"One for the Road"
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"One for the Road"
Title: "One for the Road"
Author: Stephen King
Country: USA
Genre: Horror
Published in: Night Shift
Publication date: April, 1977

"One for the Road" is a short story of the horror genre. It was written by Stephen King and was originally published in the March-April, 1977 of Maine Magazine. It was collected as the nineteenth story in the Night Shift collection by Doubleday Publishing Group in February, 1978.

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  • Booth

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  • Herb Tooklander
  • Gerard Lumley

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  • Lumley's daughter
  • Lumley's wife

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  • A film sequel to Salem's Lot, titled A Return to Salem's Lot]], was produced in 1987, though it has no connection to the short story.
  • Another short story that takes place in this same setting is "Jerusalem's Lot", which was also published in the Night Shift collection.

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