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Odin Quincannon
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Odin Quincannon
Series: Preacher
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Businessman
Gender: Male
Location: Annville, Texas
Status: Deceased
Died: 2016
Introduction: "See"
Actor: Jackie Earle Haley

Odin Quincannon is a fictional businessman and a recurring antagonist on the AMC television series Preacher. He was played by actor Jackie Earle Haley and made his first appearance in episode two, "See"


Odin Quincannon was a businessman who operated out of Annville, Texas. He was the owner of the Quincannon Meat and Power company.


While sitting in his office, Odin would stare out over the slaughterhouse through its windows while eating his lunch. [1]

Some of Odin's employees enjoyed playing paintball wars using the prostitutes from Mosie's brothel as targets. One evening, a Quincannon employee named Clive hunted down a prostitute name Lacey and shot her with a paintball. She fell into a sinkhole and died. Odin had to deliver a speech to the men and women involved in the incident and told the men to be careful with their horseplay and told the women to watch their step. [2]

Miles Person approached him about entering into a partnership with another company in order to increase revenue for the town. Odin had no intention of sharing his power and literally pissed on the idea by urinating on the company's brochure while it was still sitting in Miles' briefcase. [2]

Jesse Custer came to him with a proposition. He asked him to come to his sermon and if he didn't make him a follower by the end of the sermon he would give him his father's land, which included 20 hectares. Odin could not pass this up and attended the function All Saints Congregational. At the close of the sermon, Jesse used his power on Quincannon and told him to "Serve God", to which Odin was compelled to acquiesce. [2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Odin Quincannon enjoyed playing Q*bert on his computer. [2]
  • Odin Quincannon's grandfather was named Jonas Quincannon. [2]


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