Series Night Visions
Season 1, Episode 23
Night Visions 001.jpg
Air date September 23rd, 2002
Writers Harry Dunn
Director Tobe Hooper
Producers Dan Angel; Billy Brown
Starring Henry Rollins; John Cuthbert; Jon Cuthbert; Micah Gardener; Philip Baker Hall; Jamie Kennedy; Joanna Pacula; Asja Pavlovic
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"Cargo" is the twenty-third episode of the anthology series Night Visions. It was directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Harry Dunn. It first aired on Monday, September 23rd, 2002 on the Fox Network. In this episode, a man named Mark Stevens is working on a cargo ship that is illegally transporting Eastern European immigrants overseas. When he learns of the operation, he tries to render assistance and runs afoul of the ship's captain who confounds his efforts. Stevens soon learns that there is more to this group of Russian captives than meets the eye.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Actor Role
Henry Rollins Host
John Cuthbert Taforner
Jon Cuthbert Dad from the past
Micah Gardender Nicolai
Philip Baker Hall Dennis Brascom
Jamie Kennedy Mark Stevens
Joanna Pacula Head immigrant
Asja Pavlovic Miriam

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tobe Hooper also directed episode twenty-one, "The Maze".

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