Needful Things
Needful Things (novel)
Publisher's info
Title: Needful Things
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Viking Press
1st printing: October, 1991
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-670-83953-7
Page count: 690

Needful Things is an American full-length novel of the supernatural thriller genre. It was written by author Stephen King and first published in hardcover format by Viking Press in October, 1991.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Alan J. Pangborn
  • Brian Rusk
  • Danforth "Buster" Keeton, III
  • John "Ace" Merrill
  • Leland Gaunt
  • Myrtle Keeton
  • Nettie Cobb
  • Norris Ridgewick
  • Polly Chalmers
  • Wilma Jerzyck

Minor characters Edit

  • Andy Clutterbuck
  • Cora Rusk
  • Frank Jewett
  • George Nelson
  • Henry Beaufort
  • Hugh Priest
  • John LaPointe
  • Lenore Potter
  • Lester Pratt
  • Myra Evans
  • Peter Jerzyck
  • Sally Ratcliffe
  • "Slopey" Dodd
  • William "Willie" Rose

Locales Edit

  • Mellow Tiger Bar
  • Needful Things
  • You Sew and Sew
  • Ohio (Referenced only)
  • Akron
  • Junction City

Items Edit

Animals Edit

  • Tammy Faye
  • Raider

Vocations Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Needful Things was marketed as "The Last Castle Rock Story" on the cover.
  • This is the first novel that Stephen King wrote after his drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
  • This novel was also released in audio book format and read by Stephen King.
  • The short story, "It Grows on You", originally published in Marshroots magazine in 1973 serves as an epilogue to this story.
  • Brian Rusk is the first character to begin the circle of pranks that infect the town.
  • The character of Alan Pangborn and the Mellow Tiger Bar both make appearances in the Castle Rock television series on Hulu.
  • Reference is made to Johnny Smith in this novel, who is a psychic and the main character from the Stephen King novel The Dead Zone.
  • Reference is made to Donna Trenton in this novel, who is the mother of Tad Trenton - both of whom were terrorized by a rabid St. Bernard in the novel Cujo.

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