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Mystic Falls High School
Category: Learning center
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Virginia
Town: Mystic Falls
Appearances: The Vampire Diaries
1st appearance: "Pilot"

Mystic Falls High School is a fictional learning center featured in the HBO television series The Vampire Diaries. It is one of the principal settings for the show and is located in the equally fictitious Mystic Falls in the US state of Virginia.

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In 2009, vampire Stefan Salvatore enrolled at Mystic Falls High so that he could get closer to a seventeen-year-old student named Elena Gilbert. Stefan's presence was immediately noticed by many of the other female students, but he kept his distance from just about anyone who was not Elena. In history class, he embarrassed the teacher, William Tanner by correcting him about the number of civilian casualties that took place at the Battle of Willow Creek during the American Civil War.

Elena Gilbert and her younger brother Jeremy Gilbert also received a bittersweet welcome when they returned to school, owing largely to the tragic accident that took the lives of their parents the previous May. Jeremy began dealing drugs to several of the students, including his on-again/off-again lover Vicki Donovan, thereby earning himself the ire of Vicki's newest boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood. (VD: Pilot)

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