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A mutant is an individual who is either born with or develops severe physical abnormalities that sets them apart from the baseline genetic structure of their native species. Sometimes, genetic mutations may generate superhuman powers and abilities such as enhanced strength or the power to project energy beams. Mutants are often regarded as sub-class beings and are commonly feared or even hated by non-mutant members of their race.

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Lizzie Fenner Tales from the Darkside

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  • Humanoids from the Deep: Doctor Susan Drake was part of a scientific research team that performed genetic experiments on tadpoles in the hopes of stimulating their evolutionary development. Naturally, the path to mutant freako carnage was paved with good intentions, but it was not enough to prevent these marine animals from growing into six-foot tall carnivorous sea monsters that attacked the Salmon Festival in Noyo, California in 1980. These "humanoids from the deep" developed an instinctive need to propagate the species and began raping several nubile, young members of the female gender in order to reproduce. At least one such instance resulted in the birth of a half-human/half frog-monster baby. Although the humanoids were fast and powerful and more durable than a normal human, they could be defeated through conventional methods such as firearms or repeated blunt force trauma. In one case, a group of brave festvial-goers managed to gang up on a humanoid and beat it to death with some wooden 2x4s. [1]
  • Swamp Thing: The evil scientist Anton Arcane manipulated the genetic stock of random humans, creating a subspecies race of mutated freaks. These freaks, termed the Un-Men, often followed Arcane's orders, but were typically too dim-witted to think for themselves. Arcane's earliest experiments with the Un-Men took place in Berlin, Germany in 1945 when Arcane served as a Nazi officer. He used human resources from concentration camps to stitch together his first prototype experiments. [2] Decades later, Alec Holland, better known as the Swamp Thing, first encountered the Un-Men while fighting Arcane in his ancestral castle in Bavaria. [3]

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