"You can't be too careful these days. There's a lot of strange people in this world."
Herman Munster
The Munsters
Munsters title card.jpg
Title: The Munsters
Format: Live-action
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA
Network: CBS
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 72
Production company: MCA Home Video
Universal Studios
Executive producers: Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher
Principal cast: Fred Gwynne
Yvonne De Carlo
Al Lewis
Beverley Owen
Pat Priest
Butch Patrick
Air dates
First aired: "Munster Masquerade"
Last aired: "A Visit From the Teacher"

The Munsters is a black and white situation comedy that aired on CBS for two seasons from September 24th, 1964 to May 12th, 1966 spanning a total of 72 episodes. The series proved popular enough to spawn a 1966 feature-length film (following the show's cancellation) entitled Munster, Go Home!. A second full-length feature was broadcast on television in full-color in 1981 called The Munsters' Revenge. This second film added a new cast member, the Phantom of the Opera, who served as the Munsters' butler and whose soprano voice could shatter glass. A second Munsters television series, called The Munsters Today was broadcast from 1988 to 1991. While the program repurposed the comedic feel of the original, it never quite acquired the same level of popularity even though it lasted 73 episodes. This series likewise spawned a telemovie in 1995 called Here Come the Munsters.

The original series centered on the dysfunctional Munsters family, a clan of creepy, yet good-natured people who lived in a crumbling, haunted mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. One of the repeating gaffs of the series was the idea that the Munsters viewed themselves as normal people and it was the rest of the world that abnormal or peculiar. The black sheep of the Munster family was niece Marilyn Munster, who by all accounts, is a relatively normal-looking, well-adjusted young woman, which is why she is perceived as being the "strange one" in the family.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Image Character Actor Description
Herman Munster 002.jpg Herman Munster Fred Gwynne Herman Munster is the head of the household of the Munster family, and the central character of the series. A pastiche of the Frankenstein Monster, Herman is a loveable, goofball who is sometimes prone to childish antics and temper tantrums.
Lily Munster 001.jpg Lily Munster Yvonne De Carlo Lily Munster is Herman Munster's pragmatic wife and is patterned in the style of a witch and/or vampire bride. She is the daughter of Grandpa Munster and the mother of Eddie Munster. Lily possesses supernatural powers and enjoys playing the harp. She is by far, the most practical member of the household.
Grandpa Munster.jpg Grandpa Munster Al Lewis Grandpa Munster is the eldest member of the Munster family and is several centuries old. A venerated scientist and vampire, Grandpa usually putters about his laboratory in the basement of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. He is always coming up with bizarre concoctions to help out his fellow Munsters, though his inventions tend to hinder the family's efforts more than they help.
Eddie Munster 001.jpg Eddie Munster Butch Patrick Eddie Munster is the young son of Herman and Lily. A polite and kind-hearted "wolf boy", Eddie enjoys playing with his pet dragon, Spot.
Marilyn Munster 001.jpg Marilyn Munster Beverley Owen/Pat Priest Marilyn is often regarded as the black sheep of the Munster family, due primarily to the fact that she is absolutely normal. Unfortunately, Marilyn's family lifestyle often makes it difficult for her to find true love. Most of her boyfriends run in fright after meeting her family.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Airdate
1 Munster Masquerade September 24th, 1964
2 My Fair Munster October 4th, 1964
3 A Walk on the Mild Side October 8th, 1964
4 Rock-a-Bye Munster October 15th, 1964
5 Pike's Pique October 22nd, 1964
6 Low-Cal Munster October 29th, 1964
7 Tin Can Man November 5th, 1964
8 Herman the Great November 12th, 1964
9 Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie November 19th, 1964
10 Autumn Croakus November 26th, 1964
11 The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster December 3rd, 1964
12 The Sleeping Cutie December 10th, 1964
13 Family Portrait December 17th, 1964
14 Grandpa Leaves Home December 24th, 1964
15 Herman's Rival December 31st, 1964
16 Grandpa's Call of the Wild January 7th, 1965
17 All-Star Munster January 14th, 1965
18 If a Martian Answers, Hang Up January 21st, 1965
19 Eddie's Nickname January 28th, 1965
20 Bats of a Feather February 4th, 1965
21 Don't Bank on Herman February 11th, 1965
22 Dance With Me, Herman February 18th, 1965
23 Follow That Munster February 25th, 1965
24 Love Locked Out March 4th, 1965
25 Come Back, Little Googie March 11th, 1965
26 Far Out Munsters March 18th, 1965
27 Munsters on the Move March 25th, 1965
28 Movie Star Munster April 1st, 1965
29 Herman the Rookie April 8th, 1965
30 Country Club Munsters April 15th, 1965
31 Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights April 22nd, 1965
32 Mummy Munster April 29th, 1965
33 Lily Munster, Girl Model May 6th, 1965
34 Munster the Magnificent May 13th, 1965
35 Herman's Happy Valley May 20th, 1965
36 Hot Rod Herman May 27th, 1965
37 Herman's Raise June 4th, 1965
38 Yes, Galen, There Is a Herman June 10th, 1965

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Airdate
39 Herman's Child Psychology September 16th, 1965
40 Herman, the Master Spy September 23rd, 1965
41 Bronco Bustin' Munster September 30th, 1965
42 Herman Munster, Shutterbug October 7th, 1965
43 Herman, Coach of the Year October 14th, 1965
44 Happy 100th Anniversary October 21st, 1965
45 Operation Herman October 28th, 1965
46 Lily's Star Boarder November 4th, 1965
47 John Doe Munster November 11th, 1965
48 A Man for Marilyn November 18th, 1965
49 Herman's Driving Test November 25th, 1965
50 Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? December 2nd, 1965
51 Underground Munster December 16th, 1965
52 The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights December 23rd, 1965
53 Herman's Peace Offensive December 30th, 1965
54 Herman Picks a Winner January 6th, 1966
55 Just Another Pretty Face January 13th, 1966
56 Big Heap Herman January 20th, 1966
57 The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World January 27th, 1966
58 Grandpa's Lost Wife February 3rd, 1966
59 The Fregosi Emerald February 10th, 1966
60 Zombo February 17th, 1966
61 Cyrano De Munster February 24th, 1966
62 The Musician March 3rd, 1966
63 Prehistoric Munster March 10th, 1966
64 A Visit from Johann March 17th, 1966
65 Eddie's Brother March 24th, 1966
66 Herman, the Tire Kicker March 31st, 1966
67 A House Divided April 7th, 1966
68 Herman's Sorority Caper April 14th, 1966
69 Herman's Lawsuit April 21st, 1966
70 A Visit from the Teacher May 12th, 1966

Films & Specials[edit | edit source]

Title Airdate
Munster, Go Home! June 15th, 1966
The Munsters' Revenge February 27th, 1981
Here Come the Munsters October 31st, 1995
The Munsters' Scarly Little Christmas December 17th, 1996

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Also known as Meet the Munsters.
  • There were two unaired pilots produced for this series, which eventually evolved into the second episode of the series, "My Fair Munster".
  • Herman Munster was ranked #19 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" [1]

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