Mister Wells
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Mister Wells
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Location: Collinsport Inn, Collinsport, Maine
Died: 1968
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 1
Actor: Conrad Bain

Mister Wells was a minor character featured in the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. He was played by actor Conrad Bain and was introduced in episode 1. The character was created by director Lela Swift and teleplay writer and story developer Art Wallace.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mister Wells was the innkeeper and nightime manager of the Collinsport Inn. He knew several of the regular citizens of the town such as Burke Devlin, whom he had known since Burke was a boy. In 1961, Burke Devlin left Collinsport to serve a five-year prison sentence on a false charge of manslaughter. When he got out, he returned to Collinsport and telegraphed Mister Wells, reserving three rooms at the inn. Mister Wells was overjoyed to see Burke again, but Mister Devlin was in no mood for niceties. Devlin told Wells to call a taxicab for a young woman named Victoria Winters who had just come into town. Wells told him that his regular cab driver, Harry Jones, was unavailable because he had a flat on his cab. Wells called ahead anyway and arranged for Harry to bring Vicki to Collinwood. Afterward, Burke had Mister Wells take his bags up to his room. (DS 1)

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  • Actor Conrad Bain is best known for playing the role of Philip Drummond on the 1980s comedy series Diff'rent Strokes.

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