Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Michelle.
Variations include Michele, Shelly and Shelley.

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Michelle was a young Caucasian female who lived in rural Virginia in the years following the onset of the zombie apocalypse. Along with other women such as Paula, Molly and a guy named Donnie, she became part of a militant survival group called the Saviors. Michelle, Paula, Molly and Donnie captured Carol Peletier and Maggie Greene outside of a Savior satellite outpost. Michelle kept her gun trained on Carol and brought the captives to a safe house. Paula left Michelle to interrogate Maggie, but the two began fighting and Michelle slashed at the pregnant Maggie's stomach with a knife. Carol, who had escaped, came up behind Michelle and shot her in the back of the head. (WD: The Same Boat)

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