Mia Mueller is a minor character featured in the supernaturally-themed ABC television series The Gates. Played by actress Devyn Tyler, she first appeared in the series' pilot episode.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mia Mueller was a teenage girl and a resident of The Gates community in Washington state. She was a student at Gates Academy and the daughter of local physician Peg Mueller. She was close friends with fellow student Andie Bates. She provided Andie relationship advice concerning her troubles with former boyfriend Brett Crezski and her new love interest Charlie Monohan. ("Breach")

Mia later defended Charlie's decision to embroil himself in a fight with Crezski and gave him the impression that Andie was someone worth fighting for. ("Digging the Dirt")

Around this time, Mia began visiting the Devon Day Spa. Devon took Mia under her wing and began teaching her magic relating to the Dark Arts. Mia knew that her mother would never understand or approve, but believed that Peg was only willing to show her simple holistic disciplines and refused to teach her "the cool stuff".

Mia later learned that Andie had broken up with Charlie. This was inexplicable to her and she confronted Andie, demanding to know what was going on. Without revealing too much, Andie told her that she had a condition that prevented her from forming close intimate ties with Charlie. When she learned that Andie had been taking medication prescribed by her mother, she asked Peg about it, but she was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. ("Dog Eat Dog")

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  • Mia only made minor appearances in the first half of season one, but became a more prominent character in the second half of the season when she became a student of Devon Buckley.

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