Mia Allen
Mia Allen
Mia Allen
Franchise: Evil Dead film series
Notability: Main character
Type: Drug addict
Gender: Female
Known relatives: David Allen [1]
Status: Alive
1st appearance: Evil Dead
Actor: Jane Levy

Mia Allen is a fictional drug addict and possession victim featured in the Evil Dead film series. Played by actress Jane Levy, she appeared in the 2013 remake of Evil Dead.

Biography Edit

Mia Allen was a young woman who was a heroin addict. Along with her older brother, David, and some friends, she was forced to go on a retreat to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods so she could dry out.

Heroin withdrawal turned out to be the least of Mia's problems. David's friend Eric found an old mystical tome which was written in human blood and contained various Satanic spells. Reading aloud from the book, he awakened dark malevolent forces, which took hold of Mia, possessing her. She ran from the cabin, but the force, assuming Mia's shape, infected her with its taint, whereupon she then turned against her friends.

She was found and brought back to the cabin, but David and the others were unaware that she was now possessed. Mia began taking a scalding hot shower, and David decided that he needed to take her to the hospital. While trying to leave, a powerful rain storm hit the area, flooding everything, making it impossible to leave. He brought her back to the cabin, where she then began attacking the others. One by one, she infected them with the evil by vomiting a black substance onto their face. Friend Olivia, and David's girlfriend Natalie, were the first to succumb to this effect. She then attacked Eric and infected him as well.

David sedated Mia, and decided to exorcise her by burying her alive outside the cabin. Afterward, he dug her up and resuscitated her, thus purifying her body of the evil spirit. Eric however, now fully possessed, attacked David, and David contained the infection by setting the cabin on fire with Eric and he still inside. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Playing the role of Mia Allen is Jane Levy's second film role. It is her first work in the horror genre.
  • Mia Allen is one of five female characters from the main group of visitors to the cabin. The others are Olivia and Natalie.

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References Edit

  1. Older brother; deceased.
  2. Evil Dead (2013). Directed by Fede Alvarez.

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Deadite; Drug addict; Possession; Survivor

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