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Merlotte's Bar and Grill
Aliases: Bellefleur's Bar and Grill
Nicknames: Merlotte's
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Louisiana
Parish: Renard Parish
Town: Bon Temps
Residents: Sam Merlotte; Arlene Fowler
Appearances: True Blood
1st appearance: Dead Until Dark
"Strange Love"

Merlotte's Bar and Grill is the most popular drinking establishment in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The bar is run by Sam Merlotte who lives in a trailer directly behind the building. He finances his establishment with money stolen from Maryanne Forrester. Staff at Merlotte's includes Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, Lafayette Reynolds, Arlene Fowler, Dawn Green, Amy Burley, Daphne Landry and Terry Bellefleur.

In 2011, Sam Merlotte decided to run for mayor, so he sold the bar to Arlene Bellefleur. The estblishment was renamed Bellefleur's but it did not enjoy a very prosperous future. Almost immediately, the bar was set upon by a huge nest of Hep-V infected vampires, who slaughtered dozens of people and abducted others, including Arlene herself. In an effort to keep people busy and to keep their minds off the recent calamity, Sam asked many of the bar's regular patrons to help Arlene out by fixing up the bar for her.

Sam's mayoral opponent, Vince, learned that Sam was a shape-shifter and started up his own private vigilance committee. Vince and his lackeys decided to take arms against all vampires and used the bar as a recruitment center. They ransacked Bellefleur's for anything that could be used for a weapon, undoing all of the work that the others had done to fix the place up.

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