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Classification: Occupation
Associated franchises: Dark Shadows
Associated films: Count Yorga, Vampire
Puppet Master
Associated programs: Dark Shadows
Penny Dreadful
Associated comics: Dark Shadows Vol 5
Hellblazer Vol 1
Character examples: Dana Hadley; Evelyn Poole; Janet Findley; Lafayette Reynolds; Marnie Stonebrook
Related articles: Psychic; Séance

A medium is a person who is mystically attuned to the afterlife. They have the psychic ability to commune with the spirits of the dead, and often use their own bodies as host vessels through which these spirits may communicate with the living. Mediums may also possess other psychic abilities such as being able to perceive future portents or recognizing the spiritual and/or emotional state of another individual, which comes in handy if said individual happens to be possessed.

On Dark Shadows, just about anyone could tap into their inner psychic in order to commune with spirits; some moreso than others. One such individual, Janet Findley, was called upon to ferret out a pair of ghosts that were haunting Collinwood by the names of Quentin Collins and Beth Chavez. The dark energy infecting the home became too much for her, and as she tried to leave, she fell down the steps in the Collinwood foyer and died.

Dana Hadley, also known as the White Witch, operated a fortune telling operation on the boardwalk of Los Angeles, California in the 1988 film Puppet Master. She carried about a stuffed dog, which she named Leroy. Unlike others of her trade, Dana actually did possess some modicum of psychic power. Along with several other gifted psychics, Dana visited the Bodega Bay Inn in 1989 to pay respects to a deceased colleague, Neil Gallagher at the request of Gallagher's widow, Megan. Dana had no compunction regarding her feelings for Neil and she let Megan Gallagher know straight off how she thought Neil was a despicable, greedy bastard.

On True Blood, a witch named Marnie Stonebrook could tap her mystical reserves to commune with the dead. By invoking this power, she opened a door that allowed the spirit of a powerful witch named Antonia Gavilán de Logroño to take possession of her.

On Penny Dreadful, a woman named Evelyn Poole, aka Madam Kali, was hired to conduct a séance at the home of Ferdinand Lyle in 1891 as part of a party. Kali failed in invoking the presence of any spirits, but one of the party guests, Vanessa Ives, stole the show when the demon that had been possessing her made quite a spectacle of itself.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Film/Series
Dana Hadley Puppet Master
Evelyn Poole Penny Dreadful
Janet Findley Dark Shadows
John Constantine Hellblazer
Lafayette Reynolds True Blood
Madame Olga Ghost Rider
Marnie Stonebrook True Blood

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