"Valerie on the Stairs"
Series Masters of Horror
Season 2, Episode 8
Masters of Horror - Valerie on the Stairs
Air date December 29th, 2006
Writers Mick Garris; Clive Barker
Director Mick Garris
Producers Mick Garris; Keith Addis; Morris Berger; Stephen R. Brown; Andrew Deane; John W. Hyde; Lisa Richardson; Tom Rowe; Ben Browning; Adam Goldworm; Pascal Verschooris
Starring Clare Grant; Tony Todd; Christopher Lloyd; Tyron Leitso; Suki Kaiser; Nicola Lipman; Jonathan Watton
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"Valerie on the Stairs" is the eighth episode of season two of the horror anthology series Masters of Horror and the twenty-first episode of the series overall. It was directed by series creator Mick Garris and written by noted horror author and film director Clive Barker based on an unwritten screenplay by Barker. The episode premiered on Showtime on Friday, December 29th, 2006.

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