Category: Island
Country: France
Residents: Andre du Pres
Josette du Pres
Natalie du Pres

Martinique is an insular island region in the Caribbean Sea, which was colonized by French settlers in 1635. It is considered an overseas region of France. The primary language of Martinique is French, though Creole is also a commonly spoken tongue as well.

Martinique plays a minor role in the 1960s daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The location never made an appearance on the series, but was referenced numerous times.

The du Pres family of the late 18th century hailed from Martinique, which included Andre du Pres, his wife Natalie du Pres, and their daughter, Josette du Pres. The American witch known as Angelique also spent some time on Martinique. She worked as a servant to du Pres family. It is possible, that Angelique expanded her knowledge of witchcraft while on Martinique, which could explain why so many of her rituals share common ground with voodoo mysticism.

At some point in the late 1700s, American businessman Barnabas Collins met Josette on Martinique and the two fell madly in love. It was during this time that Barnabas also had an affair with Angelique - a decision that would come to plague him for the rest of his natural, as well as unnatural life.

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