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Mark Woodbury was a secondary character featured in the ABC television series The Gates. He was played by actor Johnny Messner and appeared in the series pilot episode.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mark Woodbury was a gruff, tattooed contractor who had been hired by a client living inside The Gates. While driving through the neighborhood, Mark was arguing with somebody over his cell phone and almost failed to see young Emily Radcliff running out into the middle of the road, chasing a skateboard. Mark swerved his truck to avoid hitting her, but collided with a power box. Emily's mother, Claire Radcliff ran out to see that her daughter was safe. When she noticed that Mark had suffered a severe laceration across his temple, she invited him inside her home so she could help him clean up.

While the two conversed, Mark revealed that it had been over a year since he was even near a woman. Claire mentioned that she was married and Mark backed off. Claire smiled and told him that he didn't appear to be the type who would give up so easily and rose from her chair. Mark took this to mean that she was interested in him and Claire confirmed this by gesturing towards an island in the center of the kitchen. Mark followed her and the two began making out. It was at this time that Claire revealed herself to be a vampire and she bit down on Mark's neck and began drinking his blood. Once she had her fill, she drained the rest of his blood into the sink. Afterward, she secured the body away in a wine cellar.

Claire's husband, Dylan Radcliff, learned what she had done and took measures to dispose of the body. He drove it outside The Gates and savagely bit onto his neck to make it appear as if he had been attacked by wolves. He dumped his body near the bed of a river and littered the area with empty beer cans to allay any suspicion that he had been murdered. [2]

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