Mariphasa lupine lumina
Mariphasa lupine lumina.jpg
Mariphasa lupine lumina
Type: Plant
Availability: Uncommon item
Owners: Wilfred Glendon
1st appearance: Werewolf of London (1935)

Mariphasa lupine lumina is a fictional plant featured in the 1935 feature film, Werewolf of London. It has also been identified as the wolf flower.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mariphasa lupine lumina: Also known as the phosphorescent wolf flower, it is a strange flower, which grows only in Tibet. It is said that it takes its life from the moon. Botanist Wilfred Glendon and his colleague Hugh Renwick traveled to Tibet in search of this elusive plant. When Hugh Renwick asked a traveling priest whether such a flower really existed, the priest warned him that there are some things that is best not to bother with. Regardless, they succeeded in finding it and brought it back to England.

A man named Doctor Yogami visited Doctor Glendon to speak of the flower. He spoke about it's mythical properties and that a blossom from the flower could temporarily forestall the effects of one suffering from lycanthropy. Glendon refused to reveal how he had been attacked by a werewolf on the night that he first discovered it however.

Doctor Glendon later learned that unless the petals from the Mariphasa were utilized, any who suffered from being a werewolf would be forced to kill at least one human being each night of the full moon.

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