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Marcus Damnian
Being Human 1x01 006
Marcus Damnian
Aliases: Marcus
Continuity: Being Human
Type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 2011
1st appearance: "There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 1)"
Final: "Going Dutch"
Actor: Vincent Leclerc

Marcus Damnian is a fictional vampire and one of the supporting characters featured in the North American television series Being Human. The series is based on a British programme of the same name, which premiered on the BBC in February, 2008. Known primarily as just "Marcus", he was played by actor Vincent Leclerc and was a key antagonist in season one of the series. Marcus appeared in a total of nine episodes in season one.

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  • Marcus Damnian's counterpart in the BBC series of Being Human is Seth played by Dylan Brown.

Appearances Edit

  1. Being Human: There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 1)
  2. Being Human: There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2)
  3. Being Human: Something to Watch Over Me
  4. Being Human: Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)
  5. Being Human: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong
  6. Being Human: I See Your True Colors and That's Why I Hate You
  7. Being Human: I Want You Back (From the Dead)
  8. Being Human: Dog Eat Dog
  9. Being Human: Going Dutch (Dies)
  10. Being Human: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You (In flashback only)
  11. Being Human: Rewind, Rewind... (Alternate timeline)
  12. Being Human: Too Far, Fast-Forward! (Alternate timeline)

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