Male rear nudity refers to complete or partial exposure of a man's buttocks. This occurs fairly regularly in horror fiction and is usually designed to titillate; it's target audience being women and gay dudes. Scenes where male rear nudity is featured often include sex scenes, shower scenes and scenes of nude bathing. In film, it is not uncommon for male actors to use a body double rather than pose nude themselves, especially if they have a dumpy ass.

Examples Edit

  • Book of Blood: Simon's buttocks is visible in several disrobing scenes as well as partially visible in the scene where he is crucified.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1990): A zombie from the Evans City Cemetery stumbled after Barbara with the back of his funeral attire torn open, revealing his bum. As he stumbled, the remainder of his clothing fell away revealing an autopsy scar.
  • Psycho (1998): Sam Loomis' backside is visible during the post-sex scene moment in the remake of Psycho.

Butt crack Edit

Butt crack is what happens when the top of your ass is sticking up out of your pants. Also referred to as plumber's crack, owing largely to the fact that plumbers tend to be overweight and fail to notch their belts to the appropriate levels.

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