"They're maggots, Michael."

Maggots in an ashtray.

Maggots are little wriggly white critters that are the larval forms of flies. They are utterly disgusting and can usually be found festering about throughout rotted food or even corpses. In horror fiction, maggots tend to crop up every now and again wherever rotting flesh can be found.

One of the more memorable appearances of maggots is found in the 1987 movie The Lost Boys. The vampire character David, demsontrates his ability to mesmerize Michael Emerson by making him believe that his white rice Chinese take-out container is actually filled with maggots.

Maggots almost always turn up in zombie fiction, such as in the case of Lucio Fulci's, seminal 1979 classic, Zombi. The zombies in the film crawl up out of the earth and maggots can be seen falling out of various orifaces in their face.

In the 1987 film Hellraiser, Julia Cotton finds a plate of maggots at 55 Hillcrest as well as other evidence of an occupant who failed to clean up after themselves. Julia's former lover, Frank Cotton, had used the house as a "hideout", but disappeared after solving the riddle of the Lemarchand puzzle box.

On the WB Network television series Angel, the character of Jasmine appeared as an attractive young woman to those within her cult. However, Connor Angel could perceive her true visage, which was a butt-ugly face filled with maggots. Yummy.

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