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Maggie Evans
Maggie Evans 001.jpg
Maggie Evans
Aliases: Miss Evans
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Notability: Main character
Type: Food server; Governess
Gender: Female
Location: Evans cottage, Collinsport, Maine
Known relatives: Sam Evans (father)
Joe Haskell (husband) [1]; Unnamed mother (deceased)
Born: 1945 (approx) [2]
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 1
Actor: Kathryn Leigh Scott

Maggie Evans was one of the central characters featured on the 1960s daytime gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Played by actress Kathryn Leigh Scott, she was introduced in the first episode of the series and remained with the program throughout the duration of the series. In the earliest episodes, Maggie was a waitress at the Collinsport Inn, but later abandoned her job to take care of her ailing father Sam Evans. Maggie's longtime lover was fisherman Joe Haskell. Like with most romances, Maggie and Joe's relationship suffered through many hurdles and there were extended periods of time where they agreed to stop seeing one another. Invariably however, they always reconciled their differences and were eventually married. [3][4]

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  • Another version of the character appeared in the 1970 film House of Dark Shadows. Kathryn Leigh Scott reprised the role of Maggie Evans.
  • In the early episodes of the series, actress Kathryn Leigh Scott wore a blonde wig. She discontinued using it in favor of her natural hair in episode 20.

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