"Have you never wanted to do anything that was dangerous? Where should we be if no one tried to find out what lies beyond?"
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A mad scientist is a scientist whose theories and ambitions go beyond the accepted norms of conventional thinking. Invariably, such an individual belies an obsessiveness that not only endangers his or her own physical and mental health, but those of others as well. With a mad scientist, only the work is a priority in life. Everything else is secondary. A mad scientist is not above violating the laws of society as well as certain accepted ethical codes in order to achieve his means. This could range from everything such as creating a screw-top skullcap to robbing dead bodies from cemeteries in order to stitch together a lumbering monster with bolts in his neck. Then of course, there's that squirrely little guy from Miskatonic University who used his patented Re-agent to reanimate the dead. Yeah... he was a nutso.

Characters Edit

Character Film/Series
Arthur Arden American Horror Story
Charles Frankenstein Bride, The
Eric Lang Dark Shadows
Evan Rendell, Jr. Dr. Giggles
Frank-N-Furter The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Frederick Frankenstein Young Frankenstein
Heiter, Doctor Human Centipede, The
Henry Frankenstein Frankenstein (1931)/Bride of Frankenstein, The
Herbert West Re-Animator
James Brewster Ape Man, The
Malavaqua Transylvania 6-5000
Professor Horrobin Hellblazer
Sebastian Caine Hollow Man
Seth Brundle Fly, The

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