Lucio Fulci was an Italian filmmaker specializing in gore and exploitation cinema. He was born in Rome, Italy on June 17th, 1927. Fulci is often regarded as the Italian counterpart to American filmmaker George Romero, both of whom earned notable status in their respective fields for their work in the horror genre, notably films involving zombies. Fulci's best known work is the 1979 film Zombi 2, itself a send-up to Romero's Dawn of the Dead and an unofficial sequel to this seminal work.

Lucio Fulci bowed out early on production of Zombi 3 due to an illness he had contracted while shooting in the Philippines. Though a large portion of the film is still chiefly Fulci's work, the remainder of the film was directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. Neither of them received directing credits for their contributions and agree that the movie is by and large Fulci's film.

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