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Los Angeles County
Category: County
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: California
Points of interest: Burbank; Encino; Glendale; Long Beach; Los Angeles; Pacific Palisades; Pasadena; Santa Monica; Van Nuys; Woodland Hills

Los Angeles County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. The city of Los Angeles is the county seat of Los Angeles County. It was first incorporated on February 18th, 1850 and dominates the entire region of Southern California.

Nearly all of the events of the 1970 horror film Count Yorga, Vampire takes place in the city of Los Angeles. Major points of interest include Count Yorga's castle mansion as well as the Port of Los Angeles. Bulgarian vampire, Count Yorga, came to the United States and used a mansion in L.A. in order to cultivate a growing coven of vampire brides. Through his machinations, he managed to vampirize the mother of a woman named Donna as well as a brunette girl named Erica Landers. Donna's friend, Michael Thompson and the physician, James Hayes, came to their rescue. Although they was unable to save either woman, they did succeed in destroying Yorga, his brutish valet, Brudah as well as Donna's mother. Hayes did not survive this encounter.

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Characters from Los Angeles County[edit | edit source]

Character Source
Adam Garou Full Eclipse
Adelaide Langdon American Horror Story
Alex Lowe American Horror Story
Alice Blood 30 Days of Night
Amber Waves Night of the Demons
Amir Stanley American Horror Story
Andy Hahn American Horror Story
April Wexler Sharknado
Babette Count Yorga, Vampire
Ben White The Howling
Beth Turner Moonlight
Bill Neill The Howling
Billie Dean Howard American Horror Story
Brooke Thompson American Horror Story
Brudah Count Yorga, Vampire [1]
Buck Cowan Werewolf by Night
Casey Spencer Full Eclipse
Charles Gunn Angel
Chet Clancy American Horror Story
Chris Halloran The Howling
Chris Manawa Fear the Walking Dead
Cleo Count Yorga, Vampire
Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt American Horror Story
Constance Langdon American Horror Story
Countess Elizabeth American Horror Story
Daisy Rain Toolbox Murders
Dana Hadley Puppet Master
Donna Count Yorga, Vampire
Donna's mother Count Yorga, Vampire
Donovan American Horror Story
Durae, Doctor Dracula vs. Frankenstein
Eddie Quist The Howling
Ellie Myers Cursed
Erica Landers Count Yorga, Vampire
Eve Angel
Fred Francis The Howling
George Waggner The Howling
Gregor Framkin Angel
Groton Dracula vs. Frankenstein
Gwen, Files & Records Angel
Hazel Evers American Horror Story
Holden Lowe American Horror Story
Hypodermic Sally American Horror Story
Iris American Horror Story
Jain McManus Night Stalker
James Hayes Count Yorga, Vampire
James March American Horror Story
Jenny Templeton The Howling
Joe Escandarian American Horror Story
John Constantine Constantine [2]
John Lowe American Horror Story
Judy Count Yorga, Vampire
Katie Enslin 1408
Karen White The Howling
Kate Lockley Angel
Lew Landers The Howling
Lily Enslin 1408
Lindsey McDonald Angel
Linwood Murrow Angel
Liz Taylor American Horror Story
Lorraine Brock Scream: The Series
Madison Clark Fear the Walking Dead
Marcus Hamilton Angel
Marie Adams The Howling
Martin Gamboa American Horror Story
Max Dire Full Eclipse
Maxwell Grant Werewolf by Night
Michael Thompson Count Yorga, Vampire
Michelle Shatnell Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Mick St. John Moonlight
Mike Enslin 1408
Mister Gallant American Horror Story
Montana Duke American Horror Story
Nina Ash Angel
Nina Price Marvel Comics
Oliver Simon Angel
Patrick Channing The First Power
Perri Reed Night Stalker
Paul Count Yorga, Vampire
Phillip Russell Werewolf by Night
Peter Count Yorga, Vampire
Preston Lennox Species
Ramona Royale American Horror Story
Ramon Jóquez Werewolf by Night
Randi Wallace She-Wolf of London
Ray Powell American Horror Story
Richard Adams The Howling
Russell Logan The First Power
Russell Winters Angel
Ryan McArthur Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Scarlett Lowe American Horror Story
Sparrow, Doctor Angel
Terry Fisher The Howling
Tess Seaton The First Power
Thaddeus Montgomery American Horror Story
Tom Billings The Howling
Trevor Lockley Angel
Tristan Duffy American Horror Story
Turbo Pokaski Daybreak
Walter Paisley The Howling
Xavier Plympton American Horror Story
Yorga Count Yorga, Vampire [3]
Yorga vampire bride (I) Count Yorga, Vampire

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  1. It is unclear whether Brudah is actually from Los Angeles, or if he came to the United States from Bulgaria with Count Yorga.
  2. This applies to the version of the character featured in the 2005 Constantine only.
  3. Count Yorga originally hailed from Bulgaria.

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