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"Los Angeles. You see it at night and it shines; a beacon. People are drawn to it. People and other things. They come for all sorts of reasons. My reason? No surprise there. It started with a girl."
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Los Angeles
Nicknames: L.A.; The City of Angels
Category: City
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: California
County: Los Angeles County
Points of interest: Beverly Hills; Pacific Palisades; Hollywood; Silver Lake; Van Nuys; Venice Beach; Westfield High School; Woodland Hills

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in the United States. Often abbreviated as L.A. and nicknamed The City of Angels, Los Angeles has an estimated population of 3.96 million and spans over 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km2) in Southern California.

Los Angeles has been used for monster apocalypse themes in several different forms of media. One of the most provincial appearances of Los Angeles in the horror genre was featured in the 1954 novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. In the story, the civilian populace of Los Angeles were wiped out due to a virus that tranformed people into a vampire-like creatures that shunned the light of day. The virus was inadvertently created by a scientist named Robert Neville, who struggled to survive the coming apocalypse and became the last man on Earth. [1]

Nearly all of the events of the 1970 horror film Count Yorga, Vampire takes place in the city of Los Angeles. Major points of interest include Count Yorga's castle mansion as well as the Port of Los Angeles. Bulgarian vampire, Count Yorga, came to the United States and used a mansion in L.A. in order to cultivate a growing coven of vampire brides. Through his machinations, he managed to vampirize the mother of a woman named Donna as well as a brunette girl named Erica Landers. Donna's friend, Michael Thompson and the physician, James Hayes, came to their rescue. Although they was unable to save either woman, they did succeed in destroying Yorga, his brutish valet, Brudah as well as Donna's mother. Hayes did not survive this encounter.

In the 2009 film Zombieland, the city of Los Angeles was practically a ghost town, occupied by no living human beings, but haunted by scores of the living dead. During the zombie plague, four survivors who referred to themselves as Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock journeyed to Los Angeles in the hopes that the amusement park known as the Pacific Playland might be a zombie-free environment. They were wrong. Although the park was infested with zombies, they managed to kill every single one and move on. [2]

In television

Los Angeles has served as the provincial setting for several notable television programs. The 1999-2004 WB Network series Angel featured a heroic vampire and his gang of pals who joined forces to stick their collective boot in the asses of evil. Another vampire-centric television series that also took place in L.A. was Moonlight, which centered more on the romanticism of vampire culture rather than the action-packed wallop of Angel.

The NBC/Syfy series She-Wolf of London originally took place in London, England, but the back-end of the series, retitled "Love and Curses" shifted the cast to L.A. beginning with "Curiosity Killed the Cravitz".

The short-lived supernatural drama series Night Stalker likewise took place in Los Angeles. This was a change in venue from it's predecessor, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which took place in Chicago.

The first season of the FX Network series American Horror Story took place in Los Angeles, though very little of the city itself was shown in the series. Most of the action took place in the haunted "Murder House" acquired by Ben and Vivien Harmon. The show returned to scenic L.A. with season five, which was billed under the heading of "Hotel". This was where the Hotel Cortez was located, filled with its unbelievable staff members and those patrons who have the misfortune of staying the night there.

Points of Interest

2394 Venice Boulevard
2394 Venice Boulevard is a private residence located in Venice Beach, California. Many years ago, it was the home of journalist Buck Cowan. Buck had met a teenager named Jack Russell who was searching for a mystic grimoire known as the Darkhold. Buck agreed to help Jack and they located the Darkhold in the castle keep of Miles Blackgar and his daughter Marlene. The Blackgars were not willing to simply hand such a powerful book over to them and they were forced to steal it.
Griffith Park
A large Halloween celebration was held in Griffith Park in October, 2021. Per the mythology of the series, Halloween was the one of the year when the spirits of the dead could take corporeal form and leave the boundaries of the site where they died. Scarlett Winslow took her ghost lover, Ruby McDaniel to Griffith Park so they could be together. Unfortunately, the ghosts of Scarlett's victims, Maya, Nicole, Rowena and Erin were also free to manifest in the park, and used this opportunity to avenge themselves against Scarlett. Ruby succeeded in getting them to back down however. During this event, Scarlett reconnected with her estranged friend, Shanti, who had concluded on her own that Scarlett had murdered the other girls. Calling Scarlett a psychopath, she told her that she wanted nothing to do with her any longer. [3]
Hotel Cortez
The Hotel Cortez is located in Los Angeles, California. It is known for its dark history, its bizarre clientele and its even more macabre staff. The cost to stay in an average room at the Cortez was once $30, but the price went up to $150 a night after it underwent extensive remodeling. In 1994, a heroin addict named Donovan came to the hotel with the emotionally unstable Hypodermic Sally. Donovan's mother, Iris, tracked them down, but when she had seen how Sally had gotten her son to take drugs, she pushed her out of the window. Sally survived however, and Iris eventually became a receptionist at the hotel. In 2010, a young boy named Holden Lowe was abducted from his father, homicide investigator John Lowe, at an amusement park. He was taken back to the Hotel Cortez, where he locked away in a room with other children. Donovan eventually became involved with the Countess, and the two would engaged in acts of supreme hedonism, including murder and blood orgies. Another strange member of the hotel's staff is a man who calls himself Liz Taylor (after the famous movie star). This gaunt, bald transvestite worked the front desk, but could also be seen administering to the hotel's other needs. Notable rooms at the Hotel Cortez include Room 51, which played host to an incident of an unknown nature, which required a chambermaid to clean blood stains out of the bed sheets. The most notorious room at the hotel however was Room 64, which was usually closed off. Iris used her own discretion when deciding which customers would have the misfortune of being allocated to Room 64, which was the lair of a grotesque and murderous creature. Two Swedish tourists, Aggie and Vendela were ushered to Room 64 after complaining about the smell in their own room. They were later caged and tortured, and fed a special nutrient shake to purge their bodies of all impurities. A blonde-haired effeminate man named Gabriel came to stay at the hotel, but after getting snippy with Iris, was sent to Room 64. The creature from the room had its way with Gabriel, anally raping him with a strap-on while Hypodermic Sally watched, begging the dying man to tell her that he loved her. In 2015, the hotel came under new ownership. A real estate agent named Marcy brokered the sale of the establishment to a wealthy entrepreneur named Will Drake.
Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, United States, situated west-northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movie studios and movie stars, the word "Hollywood" is often used as a metonymy of American cinema. The nickname Tinseltown refers to the glittering, superficial nature of Hollywood and the movie industry.
Park Plaza Mall
The Park Plaza Mall was notable for its state-of-the-art security system, which included security shutters across all exits, and three high-tech security robots, programmed to disable and apprehend would-be thieves through the use of tranquilizer guns and tasers. Following the "science gone wrong" trope, the robots naturally go out of control and begin slaughtering a group of employees who decided to hold an after-hours sex party after the mall had closed. [4]
Silver Lake
Silver Lake is a commercial and residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, located in the northeastern and central regions of the city. Its name is derived from an engineer who constructed the city reservoir, which some have taken to referring to as a lake. Silver Lake was referenced in the FX Network television series American Horror Story. It is part of the season five storyline, "Hotel", and was referenced in the season premiere, "Checking In". This was the home of Martin Gamboa, who was the victim of a brutal serial murderer.
Valley Morgue
Valley Morgue was a county morgue located in Los Angeles in Los Angeles County. A voodoo practitioner known as Xula broke into the morgue to avail herself of the fresh cadavers available. Two police officers named Boyde and Robles responded to the tripped alarm and went into the morgue without waiting for back-up. They found Xula, who was attended by a large hulking zombie. She then resurrected the other cadavers in the room and had them attack the cops. Boyde and Robles opened fire, but it did little good, as the zombies descended upon them, tearing them to pieces. (Zombie Tramp 1)
Westfield High School
Westfield High School was a public high school located in Los Angeles, California. It became rather infamous following the 1994 fatal shooting of fifteen students at the hands of the mentally disturbed Tate Langdon, who was killed by police officers shortly thereafter. In 2010, Violet Harmon began attending school there, shortly after moving to L.A. from Boston, Massachusetts with her family. Violet had a lot of trouble making friends, and immediately became the target of an angry female student named Leah, who took exception to seeing Violet smoking on school grounds.
Woodland Hills
Woodland Hills is a district in the city of Los Angeles, California. Woodland Hills is located in the southwestern area of the San Fernando Valley, east of Calabasas and west of Tarzana, with Warner Center in its northern section. On the north Woodland Hills is bordered by West Hills, Canoga Park, and Winnetka, and on the south by Topanga and Malibu, California.

Films that take place in Los Angeles

TV programs that take place in Los Angeles

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Characters from Los Angeles

Character Source
Adam Garou Full Eclipse
Adelaide Langdon American Horror Story
Alex Lowe American Horror Story
Alice Blood 30 Days of Night
Amber Waves Night of the Demons
Amir Stanley American Horror Story
Andy Hahn American Horror Story
April Wexler Sharknado
Babette Count Yorga, Vampire
Ben White The Howling
Beth Turner Moonlight
Bill Neill The Howling
Billie Dean Howard American Horror Story
Brooke Thompson American Horror Story
Brudah Count Yorga, Vampire [5]
Buck Cowan Werewolf by Night
Casey Spencer Full Eclipse
Charles Gunn Angel
Chet Clancy American Horror Story
Chloe Decker Lucifer
Chloe Stapleton American Horror Story
Chris Halloran The Howling
Chris Manawa Fear the Walking Dead
Cleo Count Yorga, Vampire
Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt American Horror Story
Constance Langdon American Horror Story
Countess Elizabeth American Horror Story
Daisy Rain Toolbox Murders
Dan Espinosa Lucifer
Dana Hadley Puppet Master
Donna Count Yorga, Vampire
Donna's mother Count Yorga, Vampire
Donovan American Horror Story
Durae, Doctor Dracula vs. Frankenstein
Eddie Quist The Howling
Ellie Myers Cursed
Erica Landers Count Yorga, Vampire
Eve Angel
Fred Francis The Howling
George Waggner The Howling
Gregor Framkin Angel
Groton Dracula vs. Frankenstein
Gwen, Files & Records Angel
Hazel Evers American Horror Story
Holden Lowe American Horror Story
Hypodermic Sally American Horror Story
Iris American Horror Story
Jain McManus Night Stalker
James Hayes Count Yorga, Vampire
James March American Horror Story
Jenny Templeton The Howling
Joe Escandarian American Horror Story
John Constantine Constantine [6]
John Lowe American Horror Story
Judy Count Yorga, Vampire
Julie Walker Return of the Living Dead
Katie Enslin 1408
Karen White The Howling
Kate Lockley Angel
Lew Landers The Howling
Lily Enslin 1408
Lindsey McDonald Angel
Linwood Murrow Angel
Liz Taylor American Horror Story
Lorraine Brock Scream: The Series
Madison Clark Fear the Walking Dead
Marcus Hamilton Angel
Marie Adams The Howling
Martin Gamboa American Horror Story
Max Dire Full Eclipse
Maxwell Grant Werewolf by Night
Michael Thompson Count Yorga, Vampire
Michelle Shatnell Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Mick St. John Moonlight
Mike Enslin 1408
Mister Gallant American Horror Story
Montana Duke American Horror Story
Nina Ash Angel
Oliver Simon Angel
Patrick Channing The First Power
Paul Count Yorga, Vampire
Phillip Russell Werewolf by Night
Perri Reed Night Stalker
Peter Count Yorga, Vampire
Preston Lennox Species
Ramon Jóquez Werewolf by Night
Ramona Royale American Horror Story
Randi Wallace She-Wolf of London
Ray Powell American Horror Story
Richard Adams The Howling
Russell Logan The First Power
Russell Winters Angel
Ryan McArthur Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Scarlett Lowe American Horror Story
Scarlett Winslow American Horror Stories
Sparrow, Doctor Angel
Terry Fisher The Howling
Tess Seaton The First Power
Thaddeus Montgomery American Horror Story
Tom Billings The Howling
Trevor Lockley Angel
Tristan Duffy American Horror Story
Turbo Pokaski Daybreak
Walter Paisley The Howling
Xavier Plympton American Horror Story
Yorga Count Yorga, Vampire [7]
Yorga vampire bride (I) Count Yorga, Vampire

People who were born in Los Angeles

People who passed away in Los Angeles


  • The Ennis House, located at 2607 Glendower Avenue in Los Feliz was used for the exterior shots of the Loren manor in House on Haunted Hill. [8]

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  5. It is unclear whether Brudah is actually from Los Angeles, or if he came to the United States from Bulgaria with Count Yorga.
  6. This applies to the version of the character featured in the 2005 Constantine only.
  7. Count Yorga originally hailed from Bulgaria.
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