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File:Leprechaun.jpgFile:Leprechaun (TPB).jpgFile:Leprechaun (creature) 002.jpg
File:Leprechaun - Back 2 tha Hood (2003).jpgFile:Leprechaun 2.jpgFile:Leprechaun 3.jpg
File:Leprechaun 4 - In Space.jpgFile:Leprechaun In the Hood.jpgFile:Leprechaun Vol 2 1.jpg
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File:Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask) 03.jpgFile:Leslie Vernon 01.jpgFile:Let's Scare Jessica to Death.jpg
File:Let's get high.jpgFile:Let Me In (2010).jpgFile:Let the Right One In (2008).jpg
File:Leviathan (1989).jpgFile:Lew Landers (Howling) 001.jpgFile:Lewis Arquette.jpg
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File:Lilith - 30 Days of Night.jpgFile:Lilith - True Blood.jpgFile:Lilith Drake 001.jpg
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File:Lily Munster 004.jpgFile:Lin Shaye.jpgFile:Lina Leandersson.jpg
File:Lincoln - Demonic Toys 001.jpgFile:Linda - Evil Dead.jpgFile:Linda Blair.jpg
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File:Lisa Addison 001.jpgFile:Lisa Addison 002.jpgFile:Lisa Addison 003.jpg
File:Lisa Ashen's Corpse.jpgFile:Lisa Ashen.jpgFile:Lisa Ashen in her former life.png
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File:Lisa Webber 001.jpgFile:Lisa Wilcox.jpgFile:Lisa Zane.jpg
File:Lisa and Keith.jpgFile:Little Dead Rotting Hood.jpgFile:Little Girl Sawyer.jpg
File:Little Jason Voorhees.jpgFile:Little Ko.jpgFile:Little Miss Darkness.jpg
File:Little Rock.jpgFile:Little Rock (Zombieland).jpgFile:Little Women.jpg
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File:Little girl vampire 002.jpgFile:Liv Moore.gifFile:Liverpool.jpg
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File:London Daily Review.jpgFile:London Dispatch.jpgFile:Long Beach.jpg
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File:Lost Girl 1x06 003.jpgFile:Lost Girl 1x06 004.jpgFile:Lost Girl 1x06 005.jpg
File:Lost Girl 1x06 006.jpgFile:Lost Girl 2x02 001.jpgFile:Lost Girl 2x10 001.jpg
File:Lost Girl 2x10 002.jpgFile:Lost Girl 3x01 001.jpgFile:Lost Girl 3x01 002.jpg
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File:Lucifer 2x02 006.jpgFile:Lucifer Vol 2 1.jpgFile:Lucifer logo.jpg
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File:Lucy Griffiths.jpgFile:Lucy Holmwood (Hammer Horror).jpgFile:Lucy Holmwood (Hammer Horror) 002.jpg
File:Lucy Holmwood (Hammer Horror) 003.jpgFile:Lucy Ikos.jpgFile:Lucy Lee Flippen.jpg
File:Lucy Lutz - Witchcraft XI.jpgFile:Lucy Ossorio.jpgFile:Lucy Westenra (Bram Stoker's Dracula) 001.jpg
File:Lucy Weston.jpgFile:Lucy Weston (Universal Classics).jpgFile:Luda May Hewitt.jpg
File:Luda May Hewitt 002.jpgFile:Luda May Hewitt 003.jpgFile:Ludlow, Maine.jpg
File:Ludwig Frankenstein.jpgFile:Ludwig and little Maria.jpgFile:Luigia Zucaro.jpg
File:Luisa D'Oliveira.jpgFile:Luke the Vampire.jpgFile:Lupita Tovar.jpg
File:Lurch 001.jpgFile:Lurking Fear.jpgFile:Lust for a Vampire (1971).jpg
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File:Lydia.jpgFile:Lydia - Walking Dead.pngFile:Lydia - Walking Dead 002.png
File:Lydia Doesburg.jpgFile:Lyla Potter.JPGFile:Lynda van der Klok (Halloween 1978).jpg
File:Lynda van der Klok (Halloween 2007).jpgFile:Lyndie Greenwood.jpgFile:Lyndsay Kimball.jpg
File:Lynn Collins.jpgFile:Lysette Anthony.jpgFile:MGM logo.png
File:MM 54.jpgFile:MacAvoy.jpgFile:Machete 002.jpg
File:Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968).jpgFile:Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) 002.jpgFile:Mad Ghoul, The.jpg
File:Madame Jasmine.jpgFile:Madame Zena.jpgFile:Madame Zola asks Cyrus to give her a sign and Tabitha complies with her request.gif
File:Madame Zola asks if Cyrus is here and Tabitha replies that he's dead.gifFile:Madeline Smith.jpgFile:Madison Lintz.jpg
File:Madison Square Garden.jpgFile:Maeve Ryan.jpgFile:Mage - The Ascension.jpg
File:Mage logo.jpgFile:Magenta (RHPS).jpgFile:Maggie Esmerelda's Death Scene American Horror Story Frea
File:Maggie Evans - MGM.jpgFile:Maggie Evans - MGM 002.jpgFile:Maggie Evans - MGM 003.jpg
File:Maggie Evans 001.jpgFile:Maggie Evans 002.jpgFile:Maggie Grace.jpg
File:Maggie McKeown.jpgFile:Maggie Peterson.jpgFile:Maggie Peterson 002.jpg
File:Maggie Peterson 003.jpgFile:Maggie Peterson 004.jpgFile:Maggie Peterson 2.jpg
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