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File:Kolchak 1x19 001.jpgFile:Kolchak logo.jpgFile:Kolchak the Night Stalker - Fever Pitch.jpg
File:Kolchak the Night Stalker - The Devil in the Details.jpgFile:Komodo.jpgFile:Komodo vs. Cobra.jpg
File:Kong - 2005.jpgFile:Kong and a dinosaur.jpgFile:Konga-Poster.jpg
File:Krampus.jpgFile:Krampus - The Christmas Devil.jpgFile:Krampus - The Devil Returns.jpg
File:Kriavi Vajda.jpgFile:Kris Fowles.jpgFile:Kris Holden-Ried.jpg
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File:Kurt Paul.jpgFile:Kurt Russell.jpgFile:Kyle Cassie.jpg
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File:L.J. Smith.jpgFile:L. Evans.jpgFile:LF 001.jpg
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File:LF 005.jpgFile:LF 006.jpgFile:LF 007.jpg
File:LV-426.jpgFile:LWe Are the End of the World.pngFile:La Serpiente.jpg
File:La voluntad del muerto.jpgFile:Labon Hester.jpgFile:Lacey Greene.PNG
File:Lady Death.jpgFile:Lady Frankenstein (1971).jpgFile:Lady Frankenstein (1971) 001.jpg
File:Lady Frankenstein (1971) 002.jpgFile:Lady Frankenstein (1971) 003.jpgFile:Lady Hel.jpg
File:Lai Lan.jpgFile:Laid to Rest 001.jpgFile:Laid to Rest 002.jpg
File:Laid to Rest 003.jpgFile:Laid to Rest 004.jpgFile:Laid to Rest 005.jpg
File:Laid to Rest 006.jpgFile:Laid to Rest logo.jpgFile:Lair of the Shewolf (Soundtrack).jpg
File:Lake Placid.jpgFile:Lake Placid 001.jpgFile:Lake Placid 002.jpg
File:Lake Placid logo.jpgFile:Lake of Shadows.jpgFile:Lamar Trask.jpg
File:Lana Ardsley.jpgFile:Lana Ardsley 002.jpgFile:Lana Ardsley 003.jpg
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File:Lance Guest.jpgFile:Lance Henriksen.jpgFile:Land of the Dead (2005).jpg
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File:Larry Pine.jpgFile:Larry Redgrave.jpgFile:Larry Robbins.jpg
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File:Last Chance Garage.jpgFile:Last Chance Gas clerk.jpgFile:Last Chance gas.jpg
File:Last Day on Earth.jpgFile:Last Resort Casino.jpgFile:Last Shift.jpg
File:Last of the Elm Street children.jpgFile:Laura Baker.jpgFile:Laura Bush.jpg
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File:Lauren Cohan.jpgFile:Lauren German.jpgFile:Lauren Henneberg.jpg
File:Lauren Hutton.jpgFile:Lauren Nash.jpgFile:Laurence Fishburne.jpg
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File:Lawrence (Friday the 13th 2009).jpgFile:Lawrence Adimora.jpgFile:Lawrence Dane.jpg
File:Lawrence Dobkin.jpgFile:Lawrence death.jpgFile:Le Fanu.jpg
File:Le Manoir du diable.jpgFile:Lead Cenobite 001.jpgFile:Lead Cenobite 002.jpg
File:Lead Cenobite 003.jpgFile:Lead Cenobite 004.jpgFile:League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The (2003).jpg
File:Leah Pipes.jpgFile:Leah and Paul are fast asleep in bed.jpgFile:Leah and Paul start at the top and work their way down.gif
File:Leah asks Paul if he believes that one's life has value so long as one attributes value to the love of others.gifFile:Leah asks Paul if he believes that women can free themselves, both through individual action as well as collective decisions.gifFile:Leah asks Paul if one becomes a woman and Paul tells her that a man can never fully comprehend a woman's situation.gif
File:Leah learns how Elizabeth Bathory is known by many nicknames.gifFile:Leah logs onto a file on Elizabeth Bathory.jpgFile:Leah needs Paul to help her become a woman immediately.gif
File:Leah tells Paul that she wants to discuss De Beauvoir immediately.gifFile:Leather.jpgFile:Leather 002.jpg
File:Leatherface (2017).jpgFile:Leatherface (2017) 001.jpgFile:Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.jpg
File:Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III 002.jpgFile:Leatherface 001.jpgFile:Leatherface 009.jpg
File:Leatherface Movie.jpgFile:Leatherface dance.jpgFile:Leatherface gta san andreas
File:Leatherfacetexaschmass180.jpgFile:Leave What You Don't.jpgFile:Lee Brackett.jpg
File:Lee Brackett 002.jpgFile:Lee Bros. Meat Processing Plant.jpgFile:Lee Bros. lackey.jpg
File:Lee Bros. lackey 002.jpgFile:Lee Bros. supervisor.jpgFile:Lee Bros. supervisor 002.jpg
File:Lee Bros. supervisor 003.jpgFile:Lee Majdoub.jpgFile:Leelee Sobieski.jpg
File:Leelee Sobieski 001.jpgFile:Leelee Sobieski 002.jpgFile:Leelee Sobieski 003.jpg
File:Left in Darkness.jpgFile:Lefty Enright 001.jpgFile:Legacies.jpg
File:Legacy of Kain.jpgFile:Legend of Siren.jpgFile:Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires.jpg
File:Legion (2009).jpgFile:Legion (novel).jpgFile:Legion of Monsters - Werewolf by Night Vol 1 1.jpg
File:Leigh Brackett.jpgFile:Leigh Turner 001.jpgFile:Leigh Turner 002.jpg
File:Leigh Whannell.jpgFile:Lela Swift.jpgFile:Leland cops a feel.jpg
File:Len Cariou.jpgFile:Len Wein.jpgFile:Len Wiseman.jpg
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File:Lena Headey 004.jpgFile:Lena Headey 005.jpgFile:Lena Headey 006.jpg
File:Lena Headey 007.jpgFile:Lennard Pearce.jpgFile:Lennie James.jpg
File:Lenora - Morella.jpgFile:Lenora and Coel.jpgFile:Leo Rossi.jpg
File:Leo Wyatt.jpgFile:Leonard Dillon.jpgFile:Leonard Price.jpg
File:Leonard de Santis.jpgFile:Leopard.jpgFile:Leopard Man, The.jpg
File:Leopard Man, The 002.jpgFile:Lep-27.jpgFile:Leprechaun.jpg
File:Leprechaun (TPB).jpgFile:Leprechaun (creature) 002.jpgFile:Leprechaun - Back 2 tha Hood (2003).jpg
File:Leprechaun 2.jpgFile:Leprechaun 3.jpgFile:Leprechaun 4 - In Space.jpg
File:Leprechaun In the Hood.jpgFile:Leprechaun Vol 2 1.jpgFile:Leprechaun logo.jpg
File:Les Lancaster.jpgFile:Les Lancaster 002.jpgFile:Les Lancaster 003.jpg
File:Leslie Easterbrook.jpgFile:Leslie Jordan.jpgFile:Leslie Morgenstein.jpg
File:Leslie Thomas.jpgFile:Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask) 01.jpgFile:Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask) 02.jpg
File:Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask) 03.jpgFile:Leslie Vernon 01.jpgFile:Let's Scare Jessica to Death.jpg
File:Let's get high.jpgFile:Let Me In (2010).jpgFile:Let the Right One In (2008).jpg
File:Leviathan (1989).jpgFile:Lew Landers (Howling) 001.jpgFile:Lew Temple.jpg
File:Lewis Arquette.jpgFile:Lf n jb.pngFile:Liam Neeson.jpg
File:Licker 001.jpgFile:Licker 002.jpgFile:Licker 003.jpg
File:Licker 004.jpgFile:Licker 005.jpgFile:Licker 006.jpg
File:Liev Schreiber.jpgFile:Lifeforce.jpgFile:Lighthammer and Verlaine.jpg
File:Lights Out.jpgFile:Lila Kaye.jpgFile:Lili - Universal Monsters.jpg
File:Lili Taylor.jpgFile:Lilith - 30 Days of Night.jpgFile:Lilith - True Blood.jpg
File:Lilith Drake.jpgFile:Lilith Drake 001.jpgFile:Lilith mia kirshner.jpg
File:Lillie Langtry 001.jpgFile:Lillie Langtry 002.jpgFile:Lilly Caul 001.jpg
File:Lilly Caul 002.jpgFile:Lily Munster 001.jpgFile:Lily Munster 002.jpg
File:Lily Munster 003.jpgFile:Lily Munster 004.jpgFile:Lin Shaye.jpg
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