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File:Freddy's Back.jpgFile:Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare (1991).jpgFile:Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare Vol 1 1.jpg
File:Freddy's Nightmares (TV Series).jpgFile:Freddy's Nightmares 1x01 001.jpgFile:Freddy's Nightmares 1x04 001.jpg
File:Freddy's Nightmares 1x16 001.jpgFile:Freddy's Nightmares 2x02 001.jpgFile:Freddy's Nightmares 2x08 001.jpg
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File:Freddy vs. Jason.jpgFile:Freddy vs. Jason (novelization).jpgFile:Freddy vs. Jason logo.jpg
File:Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash - The Nightmare Warriors Vol 1 1A.jpgFile:Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash - The Nightmare Warriors Vol 1 1B.JPGFile:Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash - The Nightmare Warriors Vol 1 1C.jpg
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File:Freya Tingley.jpgFile:Friday The 13th, Part 3 (1982) Theatrical TrailerFile:Friday The 13th, Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) Theatrical Trailer
File:Friday The 13th - 1980 trailerFile:Friday The 13th Trailer 1 2009File:Friday the 13th (1980).jpg
File:Friday the 13th (1980 novelization).jpgFile:Friday the 13th (2009).jpgFile:Friday the 13th - A New Beginning.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Abuser and the Abused Vol 1 1.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Bad Land Vol 1 1.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Bloodbath Vol 1 1C.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Carnival of Maniacs.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Church of the Divine Psychopath.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - From Crystal Lake to Manhattan Ultimate Collection.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Hate - Kill - Repeat.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Hell Lake.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - How I Spent My Summer Vacation Vol 1 1.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Jason's Curse.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason Lives.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 1.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 1A.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 1B.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 1C.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 1D.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 2.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 2A.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 2B.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 2C.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X 2D.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason X Vol 1 1A.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Killer Cut.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Mother's Day.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - Pamela's Tale 2.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Pamela's Tale Vol 1 1.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - Part II - Trailer
File:Friday the 13th - Road Trip.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - The Carnival.jpgFile:Friday the 13th - The Jason Strain.jpg
File:Friday the 13th - The New Blood.jpgFile:Friday the 13th 1.jpgFile:Friday the 13th 1A.jpg
File:Friday the 13th 1x10 001.jpgFile:Friday the 13th 1x16 001.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Fearbook Vol 1 1A.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part - IV The Final Chapter - TrailerFile:Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981).jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part 3.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part 3 (novelization).jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part 4.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part II (novelization).jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan (1989).jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VIII 003.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VIII 004.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part VIII 005.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood 001.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood 002.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood - TrailerFile:Friday the 13th Part VI (novelization).jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Lives.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Lives 002.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Lives 003.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning 002.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning 003.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Part V A New Beginning - Trailer
File:Friday the 13th Special 1.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Special 1A.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Special 1B.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Special 1C.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Special 1D.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Special 1E.jpg
File:Friday the 13th Special Vol 1 1A.jpgFile:Friday the 13th Trailer (2009)File:Friday the 13th VI - Jason Lives Trailer
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File:Fright Night Part II (1988).jpgFile:Fright Night logo.jpgFile:Frisell.jpg
File:Frisell death.jpgFile:Fritz (Universal) 001.jpgFile:Fritz Lieber.jpg
File:From Beyond (1986).jpgFile:From Dusk Till Dawn.jpgFile:From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).jpg
File:From Dusk Till Dawn (TV Series).jpgFile:From Dusk Till Dawn - Season One.jpgFile:From Dusk Till Dawn 2.jpg
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File:George Winter.jpgFile:George Winters 002.pngFile:George Wydell.jpg
File:Georges Melies.jpgFile:Georgetown.jpgFile:Georgia Cole.jpg
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File:Ghost Rider Vol 2 1.jpgFile:Ghost Rider Vol 2 80.jpgFile:Ghost Rider Vol 3 1.jpg
File:Ghost Rider Vol 3 21.jpgFile:Ghost Rider Vol 3 9.jpgFile:Ghost Rider Vol 4 1.jpg
File:Ghost Rider Vol 5 1.jpgFile:Ghost Rider Vol 6 1.jpgFile:Ghost Rider logo.jpg
File:Ghost Riders 001.jpgFile:Ghost Riders 002.jpgFile:Ghost Ship boat.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - Dead Air 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - Living Nightmare 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer - Living Nightmare 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - Living Nightmare 003.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - Living Nightmare 004.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - The Complete Series.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - The Final Season.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer - The Fourth Season.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - The Second Season.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer - The Third Season.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x01 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x01 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x01 004.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x02 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x02 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x02 003.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x03 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x03 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x03 003.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x03 004.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x03 005.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x04 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x05 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x05 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x06 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x07 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x08 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x09 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x10 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x15 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x16 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x17 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x17 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x17 003.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x17 004.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x17 005.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x18 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 1x19 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 1x20 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 001.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 003.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 004.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 005.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 006.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 007.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 008.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 009.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 010.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 011.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 012.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x02 013.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x05 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x05 002.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x05 003.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x06 003.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x07 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x07 002.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x07 003.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x08 001.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x08 002.jpg
File:Ghost Whisperer 2x08 003.jpgFile:Ghost Whisperer 2x13 001.jpg
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