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File:Eastwick promo poster.jpgFile:Eaten Alive (1977).jpgFile:Eben Oleson.jpg
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File:Eddie Quist's werewolf transformation is complete.gifFile:Eddie Quist (Howling) 001.jpgFile:Eddie Quist (Howling) 003.jpg
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File:Edward Ashen in his former life.jpgFile:Edward Dmytryk.jpgFile:Edward Furlong.jpg
File:Edward Hyde (Paramount).jpgFile:Edward Hyde (Universal Classics).jpgFile:Edward Hyde 1920 001.jpg
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File:Eerie logo.jpgFile:Egyptian Rites of Afterlife.jpgFile:Egyptian pyramids.jpg
File:Egyptian pyramids 002.jpgFile:Ehud Bleiberg.jpgFile:Eibon.jpg
File:Eight Legged Freaks (2002).jpgFile:Eily Malyon.jpgFile:El Matadero.jpg
File:El Superbeasto 001.jpgFile:El Superbeasto vs Dr Satan.jpgFile:Elaine Parker 001.jpg
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File:Elder Martin.jpgFile:Eleanor (Howling IV).jpgFile:Eleanor Matsuura.jpg
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File:Elizabeth Barnard Medina.jpgFile:Elizabeth Bathory.jpgFile:Elizabeth Bathory ages rapidly and becomes a pile of bones.gif
File:Elizabeth Bathory furiously warns the girls never to mention the Lord's name in school.gifFile:Elizabeth Bathory seals Kelly's fate with a dagger in the forehead.gifFile:Elizabeth Bathory slits Ashley's throat with a dagger.gif
File:Elizabeth Bathory slits Noemi's throat with a dagger.gifFile:Elizabeth Bathory strangles Britney by the neck with a steel necklace.gifFile:Elizabeth Bathory strikes Kelly in the face after finding out that she violated the terms of a contract.gif
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File:End of Days (1999) 004.jpgFile:End of the Line.jpgFile:Engineer and Trillobite.jpg
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File:Entertainment Weekly (12-3-10).jpgFile:Entertainment Weekly (5-2-12).jpgFile:Epitaph for a Lonely Soul title card.jpg
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File:Eric Kripke.jpgFile:Eric Laneuville.jpgFile:Eric Mabius.jpg
File:Eric Stonestreet.jpgFile:Eric the Phantom.jpgFile:Erica Deutschman.jpg
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File:Ernie Colon.jpgFile:Ernie Hudson.jpgFile:Ernst.jpg
File:Ernst Litauer.jpgFile:Escape Room.jpgFile:Esme Hammond.jpg
File:Essential Godzilla 1.jpgFile:Essential Tomb of Dracula 1.jpgFile:Essential Tomb of Dracula 3.jpg
File:Essential Tomb of Dracula 4.jpgFile:Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 2.jpgFile:Essential Werewolf by Night 1.jpg
File:Essential Werewolf by Night 2.jpgFile:Etchison.jpgFile:Ethan Embry.jpg
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File:Eva Watanabe 004.jpgFile:Eva Watanabe 005.jpgFile:Eva and Tamara.jpg
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File:Eve Kendall (Bikini Bloodbath).jpgFile:Evelyn - Rings.jpgFile:Evelyn Ankers 001.jpg
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File:Evelyn Ankers 005.jpgFile:Evelyn Ankers 006.jpgFile:Evelyn Borden.jpg
File:Event Horizon (1997).jpgFile:Everett McGill.jpgFile:Evil.jpg
File:Evil Bong (2006).jpgFile:Evil Bong 2 - King Bong (2009).jpgFile:Evil Bong 3-D - The Wrath of Bong (2011).jpg
File:Evil Bong logo.jpgFile:Evil Dead, The.jpgFile:Evil Dead.jpg
File:Evil Dead (2013) 001.jpgFile:Evil Dead (2013) 002.jpgFile:Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstick.jpg
File:Evil Dead - Hail to the King.jpgFile:Evil Dead - Regeneration.jpgFile:Evil Dead 2.jpg
File:Evil Dead 2 - Dead by Dawn.jpgFile:Evil Dead Vol 1 1.jpgFile:Evil Dead logo.jpg
File:Evil Ed.jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Depraved 1.jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Destroyer 1.jpg
File:Evil Ernie - Destroyer Preview.jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Revenge (TPB).jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Revenge 1.jpg
File:Evil Ernie - Revenge 1A.jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Revenge 1B.jpgFile:Evil Ernie - Revenge 2.jpg
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