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File:Carolyn Stoddard 002.jpgFile:Carriage.jpgFile:Carrie's first attempt to send Cleopatra back through time fails.gif
File:Carrie's second attempt to send Cleopatra back through time fails.gifFile:Carrie's tribute is to please Cleopatra.gifFile:Carrie (1976).jpg
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File:Carrie White.jpgFile:Carrie and Cleopatra.gifFile:Carrie and Cleopatra on pleasing each other.gif
File:Carrie and Cleopatra perform a sacred ritual on the couch.gifFile:Carrie and Cleopatra wish each other the best of luck.gifFile:Carrie appearing out of thin air.gif
File:Carrie asks Sheri Williams whether or not her husband knows his wife is a witch.gifFile:Carrie assures Sheri Williams it'll be quite a while.gifFile:Carrie disappearing into thin air.gif
File:Carrie does whatever she can to help Cleopatra.gifFile:Carrie doesn't know how to send Cleopatra back through time.gifFile:Carrie gets an idea how to bring Cleopatra into the world.gif
File:Carrie introduces herself to Abigail Turnbull.gifFile:Carrie means no disrespect toward Cleopatra.gifFile:Carrie overhears a conversation about beauty secrets.gif
File:Carrie pays a special tribute to Cleopatra.gifFile:Carrie tells Abigail Turnbull about Sheri Williams.gifFile:Carrie tells Sheri Williams about Cleopatra.gif
File:Carrie tells Sheri Williams that they're practically family.gifFile:Carrie the Swimming Queen (front view).gifFile:Carrie the Swimming Queen (side view).gif
File:Carrie thinking about beauty secrets.gifFile:Carrie wants Sheri Williams's absolute happiness.gifFile:Carrie wants to know what Cleopatra's beauty secrets are.gif
File:Carrie welcomes Cleopatra to the 21st century.gifFile:Carrie works on giving Sheri Williams a wedding gift.gifFile:Carrion Jane.jpg
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File:Charles Gunn 001.jpgFile:Charles H. Eglee.jpgFile:Charles Laughton.jpg
File:Charles Malik Whitfield.jpgFile:Charles Manson.jpgFile:Charles Michael Davis.jpg
File:Charles Previn.jpgFile:Charles S. Dutton.jpgFile:Charles Spalding.jpg
File:Charles Spalding 002.jpgFile:Charley Brewster.jpgFile:Charlie's Frontier Fun Town.jpg
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