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30 Days of Night[edit | edit source]

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Lilith was an ancient and powerful vampire. Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, she was the lover of Vicente.

Marvel Universe[edit | edit source]

Lilith Drake[edit | edit source]

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Lilith Drake is a fictional vampire and a recurring character featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. She has been presented as both a protagonist and an antagonist. A "Femme Fatale", Lilith Drake made her first appearance in Giant-Size Chillers #1 in June, 1974. She made alternating appearances in issues of Marvel Preview and Tomb of Dracula during the early 1970s.

Mother of Demons[edit | edit source]

Lilith was an ancient creature of inordinate power. She was the mother of demons and led a brood of devout followers known as the Lilin.

True Blood[edit | edit source]

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Lilith is the mother of all vampires and is the oldest and most powerful vampire on record. Her reputation developed so strongly that many formed a religious fanatacism about her. These Lilith worshipers became known as the Sanguinistas. The Vampire Authority possessed a vial containing the last remnants of Lilith's actual blood. Just a drop of her blood was enough to turn even the most headstrong vampire into a devout follower. Bill Compton consumed the entire vial and was destroyed and then reborn as the modern male incarnation of Lilith (or "Billith"). As the new vampire king, Bill was persistently haunted by visions of Lilith. In time, he was able to exorcise this presence and regain a semblance of his previous undead life.

Lilith's sirens[edit | edit source]

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Very little is known about these three mysterious women, even as to whether or not they even still exist. It may be assumed that they were all ancient vampires who worked in service of the Vampire Queen, Lilith. Described as "sirens", they had the ability to ensorcell people with the sounds of their voice.

When Bill Compton was destroyed after drinking the blood of Lilith, he was resurrected and became a super-powered host for Lilith's strength and abilities. Lilith's spirit had her sirens summon Bill Compton by beckoning to him. In his own mindscape, Bill Compton found himself in a field during the daylight hours. The three sirens manifested before him as three naked women completely covered in blood. As Lilith made her presence known to Compton, she dismissed her servants, and they disappeared from sight in a spray of red mist.

Femme Fatales[edit | edit source]

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Lilith is a fictional character and main antagonist of the anthology television series Femme Fatales. She's the mysterious and enigmatic hostess who introduces each episode and makes a cameo in select ones. She was portrayed by Tanit Phoenix.

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