Lexie Wade
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Lexie Wade
Type: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Base of operations: The Gates, Washington
First: "Breach"
Actor: Rachel DiPillo

Lexie Wade is a fictional werewolf and a supporting character featured in the ABC television series The Gates. Played by actress Rachel DiPillo, she first appeared in the third episode of season one "Breach".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lexie was a teenage werewolf that lived at The Gates community in Washington. She was a student of Gates Academy as well as a member of the Pack and a close friend of Lukas Ford. One evening, Lexie and the other Pack members were stranded outside The Gates during a lock-down, but pack mate Brett Crezski leaped over the wall and let them all back inside. ("Breach")

During another outing, the Pack was running through the woods when Lukas was shot by a poacher named Stan Patterson. Brett fought against him, accidentally killing the man. Lexie and the others brought Lukas to see their pack Beta Coach Ross. Lexie neglected to tell the coach about Brett's attack against the hunter. They were concerned however that they might have left their clothing behind in the woods. ("The Monster Within")

A short time later, Lexie learned that Lukas' father, Pack Alpha Simon Ford, had been brutally beaten and left for dead on his front lawn. Lexie offered Lukas her sincere condolences, but also realized that Lukas' ability to serve as leader of the Pack was now greatly hampered. She began turning her sights towards Brett Creszki. ("Dog Eat Dog")

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although she initially appeared as a very minor character, Lexie began making more prominent appearances during the second half of season one.

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