Legless Suzi
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Legless Suzi
Franchise: American Horror Story
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Human oddity
Gender: Female
Location: Jupiter, Florida
Status: Deceased
Died: 1952 [1]
1st appearance: "Monsters Among Us"
Final: "Curtain Call"
Actor: Rose Siggins

Suzanne, best known by her performing name Legless Suzi, is a fictional human oddity and a supporting character on the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Played by actress Rose Siggins, she appeared in season four of the show, which was billed under the subheading of "Freak Show". She was introduced in "Monsters Among Us", and made thirteen appearances in total. The character was killed off in the season finale, "Curtain Call".

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  • Actress Rose Siggins was born with a rare genetic disorder called Sacral Agenesis. She was born with deformed legs, which were amputated when she was only two-years-old. [2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. American Horror Story: Monsters Among Us
  2. American Horror Story: Massacres and Matinees
  3. American Horror Story: Edward Mordrake (Part 1)
  4. American Horror Story: Edward Mordrake (Part 2)
  5. American Horror Story: Pink Cupcakes
  6. American Horror Story: Bullseye
  7. American Horror Story: Test of Strength
  8. American Horror Story: Blood Bath
  9. American Horror Story: Tupperware Party Massacre
  10. American Horror Story: Orphans
  11. American Horror Story: Magical Thinking
  12. American Horror Story: Show Stoppers
  13. American Horror Story: Curtain Call

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  1. Shot in the back of the head by Dandy Mott in "Curtain Call".
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1952; Gunshot victims; Human oddity; Jupiter, Florida; Musician

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