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Includes a list of characters featured in Kindred: The Embraced listed alphabetically by first name.
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A[edit | edit source]

Abel was a terminally ill boy who was staying at the Bay General Hospital in 1996. He was one of several victims of a Ventrue doctor who would feed off patients in the children's ward. When Julian Luna learned of this, he sent Daedalus to execute the doctor. After doing so, he met Abel and was surprised to find that the boy was unafraid of him. Abel also possessed the ability to instantly recognize a Kindred on sight. Daedalus took him back to Julian and asked him to embrace him. Julian refused and ordered him to return the boy to the hospital. Daedalus was able to use his knowledge of alchemy to produce a cure for Abel's illness. Seventeen years later Daedalus created a final message describing the boy's eventual embrace by Luna and his hope that Abel would follow in Julian's footsteps as a peaceful prince. ("Romeo and Juliet"; "Daedalus: Last Will and Testament")
Alexandra Serris
Alexandra Serris was a vampire of Clan Ventrue and the childe of Julian Luna. For a long time, she was also Julian's lover, but she left him to be with human detective Frank Kohanek. Alexandra revealed her true nature to Frank, thus breaking the Masquerade. A blood hunt was called on her and Alexandra burned to death in the morning sun while standing on the trellis of the Golden Gate Bridge. ("The Original Saga")
Augustus Octavia
Augustus Octavia was the last surviving grandson of Julian Luna. He successfully ran a vineyard in the Napa Valley and raised his own family. Augustus died in 1996. His granddaughter, Sasha, arrived drunk at his funeral and kissed the corpses. ("The Original Saga")
Archon Raine
Archon Raine was a Ventrue vampire and the former Prince of San Francisco. He sired Julian Luna and made him his protégé, ultimately turning control of the city over to him. Archon remained with Julian during his reign, often offering advice and private consultations in the affairs of the Kindred. Once known for this ruthlessness, Archon was responsible for the unjust slaughter of several Brujah vampires in Manzanita Springs – a crime that would one day come back to haunt him.

B[edit | edit source]

Bate was a Brujah vampire who worked under Primogen Eddie Fiori. He also began ripping off gas stations and Tong gambling houses with Sasha Luna. ("Romeo and Juliet")
Billy was Julian Luna's personal chauffer and bodyguard. Presumably, he was a Kindred as well. Billy drove Julian Luna to a correctional facility so he could pick up his "niece" Sasha. He later drove Luna to the home of his lover, Caitlin Byrne. While waiting outside his car, Billy was beheaded by an Assamite assassin who then took his place as part of a plot to kill Luna. ("Prince of the City"; "The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori")

C[edit | edit source]

Caitlin Byrne
Caitlin Byrne was an investigative reporter for the San Francisco Times. She took an interest in Julian Luna, the so-called "Boss of Bosses" and tried to write a piece on him. Julian became attracted to Caitlin and used his resources to buy the San Francisco Times, thus elevating her status to city editor. Caitlin fell in love with Julian, but was intimidated by his mysterious lifestyle. She was unaware that in addition to Julian's more unscrupulous enterprises, he was also the vampire Prince of the city. On two separate occasions, Caitlin learned about the existence of the Kindred, but in both instances her memories of the incidents were erased.
Cameron was a Brujah vampire and an underling of the vampire elder Sorel. He was embraced around the year 1985 and was one of the few members of his coterie to survive the Manzanita Springs massacre wrought by Julian Luna. Cameron learned that Luna was following the orders of then-prince Archon Raine, whose actions against the Brujah were unjustified and were committed for the sake of a personal vendetta. In 1996, Cameron went to San Francisco to avenge his clan against Archon Raine. Additionally, he sought to fill the vacated seat of Clan Primogen left behind by the late Eddie Fiori. He knew that Julian was away on personal holiday and that this would leave Archon vulnerable. Cameron quickly took control of the Brujah in-fighting and then went directly to Luna's mansion. Archon came out to confront him and confessed to killing his clan mates unjustly. He allowed Cameron the opportunity to take his revenge and Cameron shot him, killing Archon. He then assumed the role of Clan Primogen of the Brujah. Although Luna was enraged over Cameron's actions, he held to Kindred law and allowed him to live. ("Cabin in the Woods")
Camilla was a very old Nosferatu vampire and the lover of another Kindred named Goth. Before the embrace, Camilla bore eight children, two of whom died in childbirth. Because of this, she never truly excised her maternal instincts even as a vampire. Goth and Camilla spent some time in San Francisco, but were ultimately exiled for practicing forbidden arts. They returned to the city in 1996 where Goth intended on using an infant as part of a blood ritual to give him increased power. Caitlin Byrne attempted to rescue the child, but she was captured and left under Camilla's care. Camilla sympathized with Caitlin after learning that she was once forced to give up her own child for adoption. She let her go free and planted a post-hypnotic suggestion to make her forget everything that she had experienced. Camilla's current whereabouts are unknown. ("Bad Moon Rising")
Cash was a vampire of Clan Gangrel and served as clan Primogen in San Francisco under Prince Julian Luna. Although Cash and Luna clashed with one another on several instances, Julian began to see the value in the angry young vampire and made him his chief of security. Cash became romantically involved with Julian's human descendent Sasha Luna. He asked Julian's permission to embrace her, but the decision was taken away from him when a Brujah vampire turned her into a Kindred against her will. Cash and Sasha attempted to maintain their relationship despite the fact that they were both members of clans who were classically sworn enemies of one another.
Cash's girl
Cash's girl rode with Cash and the other Gangrel. She was the childe of Stevie Ray. When Julian Luna confronted the Gangrel about Stevie's death, she told him "We were down for Stevie". ("The Original Saga")
Charon was a San Francisco County Coroner. He worked on the body of Stevie Ray, which appeared to have been burned up due to spontaneous human combustion (in truth, he was staked and left to die in the sun by Eddie Fiori). Julian Luna sent Daedalus to deal with Charon before he could learn the truth. Daedalus crept into his lab, forced Charon to open his vein, and then killed him after drinking his blood. He brought the body back to Luna's mansion. ("The Original Saga")
This unnamed clerk worked at a pharmacy at a San Francisco hospital. Groupie-turned-vampire Grace Dugan assaulted the clerk, demanding medical assistance to alleviate the symptoms of her transformation. Frank Kohanek arrived just in time to calm Grace down before she resorted to any further acts of violence. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Clyde was a Brujah vampire from Manzanita Springs and was clan mates with Cameron and Sorel. The three of them ambushed Julian Luna and Caitlin Byrne in the woods near Luna's private cabin. Clyde slashed Luna across the stomach with a knife, causing a severe injury to the elder vampire. ("Cabin in the Woods")
Cyrus was the Brujah Prince of Los Angeles and the sire of Eddie Fiori. He came to San Francisco to help Eddie out with his problems with Julian Luna, but was also looking to establish his own foothold in the city. Cyrus provided Eddie with the services of an Assamite assassin to kill Luna, but was also ready to remove Eddie from the equation should the need arise. As it turned out, both Eddie and the Assamite were killed and Cyrus returned to L.A. ("The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori")

D[edit | edit source]

Daedalus was a vampire and the Primogen for Clan Nosferatu. Despite his horrific appearance, Daedalus had a tender soul. He was devoutly loyal to his prince Julian Luna. Daedalus rarely left his warren beneath Luna's mansion, but occasionally ventured out into the city on personal matters. He attempted to court a human lounge singer named Elaine Robb with disastrous results and later took an interest in a terminally ill child named Abel. Daedalus later sought to rally the Nosferatu behind him, luring them away from the dark path offered to them by the rogue vampire Goth. He later bore witness to Archon's confession regarding an abuse of power committed against the Bruja. Seventeen years later Daedalus presumably met his end at the mercy of a "Methuselah," an ancient vampire drawn to a mystically powerful skull which the Nosferatu primogen had acquired. His last act was to create a message imploring Abel, now a Ventrue vampire, to take the place of the fallen Julian Luna. ("Bad Moon Rising"; "Daedalus: Last WIll and Testament")
Detective O'Fallon
Detective O'Fallon was a Kindred police detective who worked alongside Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint. O'Fallon fielded a call concerning the execution of a doctor at Bay General Hospital. Sonny and he arrived on the scene and tried to cover up the crime, but Frank Kohanek interrupted him and found the doctor's skull inside a basement incinerator. ("Romeo and Juliet")
This unnamed doctor was a vampire of Clan Ventrue and was an attending physician at the Bay General Hospital. At night, he would creeper into the children's ward and feed off the blood of terminally ill patients. When Julian Luna learned of this, he was infuriated and sent Daedalus to the hospital to execute him. Daedalus chased the doctor down a long corridor and killed him. He then placed his remains into an incinerator so that no one would learn that he was a vampire. ("Romeo and Juliet")
Doctor Mestres
Doctor Mestres was a psychologist who worked at the Suncrest psychiatric hospital. He interviewed a patient named Starkweather and asked him about his history. Starkweather, being a vampire, broke free of his straight jacket and murdered Doctor Mestres. He sprayed the words "Blood Brothers" on the wall of the room with the doctor's blood. ("The Nightstalker")

E[edit | edit source]

E.R. doctor
The E.R. doctor was a woman who attended patient Grace Dugan, a victim of a hit and run. As Grace was now a vampire, she had no vital signs and the doctor pronounced her dead on arrival. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Eddie Fiori
Eddie Fiori was a vampire of Clan Brujah and served as clan Primogen in San Francisco. He was the primary rival of Prince Julian Luna and openly challenged Luna's authority at every given turn. After ordering Luna's niece Sasha to be embraced by a Brujah, Eddie suffered Luna's wrath when he tortured him by leaving him out in the sun for several hours. Eddie tried to get revenge on Luna by having him assassinated, but this plot ultimately failed. The Toreador Primogen Lillie Langtry ended Eddie's life when she beheaded him with his own samurai sword.
Elaine Robb
Elaine Robb was a lounge singer at the Haven. She attracted the attention of Daedalus who had fallen in love with her. Daedalus used a formula that temporarily made him appear human so he could court Elaine. Elaine liked Daedalus as well and the two slept together. The following morning however, Elaine saw Daedalus' true face and was horrified. She then became the target of a vampire serial killer named Starkweather. Posing as a police officer, Starkweather took Elaine to the Haven where he intended on killing her. Fortunately, Julian Luna and Frank Kohanek arrived in time to stop him. ("The Nightstalker")
Elegant young lady
This woman was one of the patrons seen at The Haven. ("The Original Saga")
Eric was an orderly at the Suncrest psychiatric hospital. He was present when Cash and Starkweather were admitted after they had been in a brawl at the Haven. ("The Nightstalker")
Evelyn Luna
Evelyn Luna was born in the year 1832. She was married to Julian Luna shortly before his embrace. Evelyn gave birth to Luna's son, but died in childbirth. Julian occasionally visits her grave. ("The Original Saga")

F[edit | edit source]

Floor manager
The floor manager was an African American woman, possibly a Kindred, who worked at Lillie Langtry's night club, The Haven. She was the first to notice a neophyte vampire patron known as Starkweather. ("The Nightstalker")
Frank Kohanek
Frank Kohanek was a detective for the San Francisco Police Department. While investigating reputed mobster Julian Luna, he came to learn that Luna was in fact a vampire and the leader of all Kindred living within the city. Frank was determined to bring Luna down, but was forced to enter into a truce with Julian, often working alongside him to resolve a common problem. Julian even saved Frank's life on one occasion when a psychotic vampire named Starkweather attempted to kill him.

G[edit | edit source]

Gangrelle was a Brujah vampire and one of Eddie Fiori's mob. Along with Bate and Sasha Luna, he began robbing gas stations and Tong-run gambling houses in the Chinatown district. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Goth was a savage Nosferatu and the lover of Camilla. Both Camilla and he were banished from San Francisco years ago for their aberrant breaches of the Masquerade. They eventually returned whereupon Goth stole a human infant as part of a blood ritual to give him great power over the rest of his clan. Julian Luna and Caitlin Byrne tracked Goth and Camilla down to Golden Gate Park and Julian challenged him to a duel. Though Goth was physically stronger than Luna, Julian eventually got the upper hand and decapitated Goth with an axe. ("Bad Moon Rising")
Grace Dugan
Grace Dugan was a young groupie who had become infatuated with a Toreador club singer named Zane. Zane took Grace out and forcibly embraced her against her will. Wandering the city streets, she was struck by a vehicle and admitted to the hospital. When Grace came to, she suffered a breakdown, unable to deal with her recent transformation into a vampire. After a harrowing incident involving a security guard and a pharmacy clerk, Grace escaped out into the night. She was later found by Cash and brought to Julian, who inducted her into Kindred society. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")

H[edit | edit source]

Hon Kwan
Hon Kwan was a lieutenant in the San Francisco homicide division. Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint answered to him. Kwan accompanied Frank and Sonny on a raid at the Dock Worker's Union where they discovered the body of Paulie Boyle - murdered by one of Eddie Fiori's Brujah. ("Prince of the City")

I[edit | edit source]

I.A. Investigator (I)
This Internal Affairs investigator questioned Frank Kohanek on the death of a mobster named Paulie Boyle. ("Prince of the City")
I.A. investigator (II)
This Internal Affairs investigator questioned Frank Kohanek on the death of a mobster named Paulie Boyle. ("Prince of the City")

J[edit | edit source]

Jamie was a vampire of Clan Gangrel and part of Cash's motorcycle gang. He was murdered by one of Eddie Fiori's Brujah vampires who shot him through the heart off his cycle. ("Romeo and Juliet")
Jesse Doyle
Jesse Doyle was the infant son of Ruth Doyle. The Nosferatu vampire Goth abducted Jesse for the purpose of using him in a blood ritual on the night of the full moon. Julian Luna and Caitlin Byrne managed to track them down and rescue the baby. ("Bad Moon Rising")
Jordan was an orderly who worked at the Suncrest psychiatric hospital. Starkweather fed from him and left him wandering the halls in a daze.
Julian Luna
Julian Luna was a vampire of Clan Ventrue and the Prince of San Francisco, California. Though often called upon to make tough decisions, Luna was also known for his compassion. His highest priority was protecting the Masquerade - the covenant that prevented mainstream humanity from learning about the Kindred. Inwardly though, Luna wanted vampires and humans to co-exist. When Frank Kohanek learned the truth about Julian, Luna established an uneasy truce with Kohanek. The two often found themselves working together to resolve issues that affected both the human and Kindred population. Julian Luna was romantically involved with an investigative reporter named Caitlin Byrne. At some point during the following decade and a half he apparently met his end battling an unidentified and ancient evil entity.

K[edit | edit source]

L[edit | edit source]

Lillie Langtry
Lillie Langtry was a vampire of Clan Toreador and served as Clan Primogen in San Francisco. She was the owner of a night club called The Haven and served as a close confidante to Prince Julian Luna. Lillie and Julian were once romantically involved with one another, but Lillie never got over him. An exceedingly jealous woman, she couldn't stand to see Julian pining for the affection of other women such as Alexandra Serris and Caitlin Byrne. To counter this growing hole in her heart, Lillie sought to appease her own loneliness through one of her progeny, Zane, and even human detective Frank Kohanek.
Lorraina was a Gangrel vampire and part of Cash's brood. She came to one of his private havens to tell him the news of another Gangrel named Jamie who had been murdered by the Brujah. She later criticized Cash for his romantic involvement with the Brujah Sasha Luna. ("Romeo and Juliet"; "The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori")

M[edit | edit source]

Mai Sung
Mai Sung was a reporter who attempted to get a news story out of Frank Kohanek concerning the abduction of infant Jesse Doyle. Frank had little patience for reporters, and refused to cooperate with her. ("Bad Moon Rising")
Marissa was an Assamite assassin and the underling of the Prince of Los Angeles, Cyrus. Cyrus lent Marissa's services to his childe, Eddie Fiori. Eddie had the Assamite attempt to kill Julian Luna. She first fought with Luna outside the home of Caitlin Byrne. Although she succeeded in killing his bodyguard Billy, Julian managed to get away. She then sneaked into Julian's house and assumed his form. Eddie Fiori was present and looking to kill Luna personally. He mistook the Assamite for Luna and shot her through the chest. ("The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori")
Martin was a Brujah vampire that worked under Primogen Eddie Fiori. ("Romeo and Juliet")
Medical examiner
The medical examiner was present with Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint after they discovered the serial killer Starkweather's most recent victim - his own father. ("The Nightstalker")
Military man
The military man was in fact the father of the vampire serial killer Starkweather. Starkweather returned home and murdered the man, draining his blood and stabbing him multiple times. He concealed his remains inside a locked trunk where he was discovered days later by detectives Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint. ("The Nightstalker")
Mister Benning
Mister Benning is a former police detective turned private investigator. Lillie Langtry hired him to take some scandalous photographs of Julian Luna and Caitlin Byrne. While on the job, Benning snapped a photo of Julian fighting an Assamite assassin. He tried to blackmail Lillie for more money, but Lillie followed him to his home and killed him in an elevator. ("The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori")
Mister Dugan
Mister Dugan was the father of Grace Dugan. When Grace turned up missing, he contacted the San Francisco police department in the hopes of tracking her down. Frank Kohanek learned the truth about Grace's fate, but could not bring himself to reveal to Mister Dugan the fact that she was now a vampire. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")

N[edit | edit source]

Nino Donelli
Nino Donelli was a vampire of Clan Brujah and was an underling of criminal organizer Eddie Fiori. Eddie and Nino learned that one of their number, Paulie Boyle was feeding information to the San Francisco police department. After Eddie revealed that Paulie was wearing a wire, Nino killed him by impaling Paulie with a metal hook. Eddie and Nino knew that detective Frank Kohanek was getting too close to discovering the truth about their operations and they decided to embrace him. One of Eddie's contacts, Sonny Toussaint, who was secretly playing both sides of the field, knew that Frank was in danger and anonymously provided him with a phosphorous gun to protect himself. The Kindred Primogen of San Francisco learned of the crime and a blood hunt was called for Nino Donelli. Nino broke into Frank's apartment prepared to embrace him, but Frank fired the phosphorous gun, killing him. ("Prince of the City")
The nurse was one of the staff members at Bay General Hospital. She was present on the evening when Daedalus secretly returned the terminally ill Abel to the hospital after he had been missing for an entire day. The nurse also gave a statement to detectives Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint. ("Romeo and Juliet")

O[edit | edit source]

P[edit | edit source]

Paulie Boyle
Paulie Boyle was a mobster who worked for Eddie Fiori at the Dock Worker's Union. The SFPD convinced Paulie to wear a wire in order to get information proving that Eddie Fiori was accepting bribes from ship owners. Eddie learned of the ruse and had his underling Nino Donelli murder Paulie by impaling him with a metal hook. ("Prince of the City")
Police sergeant
The police sergeant responded to a call about an incident taking place at the Haven. Along with several other officers, he broke up a fight between the vampires Cash and Starkweather. ("The Nightstalker")

Q[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

Riannon was a groupie who followed the Toreador vampire Zane. She was one of several young women whom Zane embraced against their will. Frank Kohanek found Riannon at The Haven and knew that she had been made a vampire. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Rita was a waitress who worked at the Nighthawks diner in San Francisco. This was where Frank Kohanek met with Julian Luna. She served Luna "blood red" tomato juice. She later served Frank coffee, reminding him that coffee was a poor means of reducing stress. In another instance, she waited on Lillie Langtry and a private investigator named Benning. Note: Identified by her name tag. Credited only as "waitress".
Ruth Doyle
Ruth Doyle was a young mother whose infant son, Jesse, had become the victim of a kidnapping perpetuated by an evil Nosferatu vampire named Goth. After Jesse went missing, Ruth reported the crime to the San Francisco police department and told her story to Caitlin Byrne of the San Francisco Times. Police detective Frank Kohanek determined that the kidnapper was a vampire and revealed this horrible truth Ruth at the Nighthawks Diner. Vowing to rescue the child, Frank and Ruth explored the area of the crime scene at Golden Gate Park. Thanks to the efforts of Caitlin Byrne and Julian Luna, baby Jesse was rescued and reunited with his mother. ("Bad Moon Rising")

S[edit | edit source]

Sasha Luna
Sasha Luna was the great-great granddaughter of Julian Luna, though in human circles, she was thought of as his niece. As a human, Sasha became romantically involved with Julian's Gangrel Primogen Cash, but was unaware that Cash was a vampire. One of Julian's rivals, Eddie Fiori, ordered one of his lieutenants to embrace Sasha, turning her into a Brujah. The plan was to anger Julian to the point that he would lose his sense of reason, thus allowing the Brujah the opportunity to gain control of the city. Despite being a Brujah, Sasha continued to see Cash and remained loyal to Julian Luna.
Second assassin
This unnamed vampire was a Brujah and the lieutenant of Eddie Fiori. He helped Eddie murder Gangrel bodyguard Stevie Ray on top of an office building by impaling him with an antenna. ("The Original Saga")
Security guard
The security worked at the general hospital in San Francisco. A crazed neophyte vampire named Grace Dugan assaulted the guard, stealing his sidearm and used it in an effort to force a pharmacy clerk to give her medication. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Sonny Toussaint
Sonny Toussaint was a vampire of Clan Ventrue and the childe of Julian Luna. Julian used Sonny to infiltrate several organizations including the San Francisco Police Department where he worked as a detective and partner to the human Frank Kohanek. Sonny also infiltrated Eddie Fiori's Brujah mob posing as a traitor to Julian's rule. As a detective, Sonny took stern measures to protect Frank Kohanek from the affairs of the Kindred, and also made certain that Frank never learned the truth about what he was.
Sorel was a Brujah vampire from Manzanita Springs and was clan mates with Cameron and Clyde. An elder Brujah, he held some authority over the other two and was priming Cameron to become the new Primogen leader of San Francisco as well as Prince of the city. Sorel wanted revenge against Julian Luna and his sire Archon Raine for a massacre that took place in 1985 in which several Brujah were unjustly murdered. Sorel, Cameron and Clyde ambushed Julian Luna and his human lover Caitlin Byrne in the middle of the woods. Julian survived, but received two vicious stab wounds across his stomach and back. Sorel later tracked Luna to his private cabin and attacked him again. Julian got the upper hand however and managed to defeat him. It is unclear whether or not Sorel survived the encounter with Julian. ("Cabin in the Woods")
Starkweather was a mental patient who had been turned into a vampire by another patient of Clan Gangrel. Starkweather relished his newfound bloodlust and abilities and began killing people throughout San Francisco. He abducted a lounge singer named Elaine Robb and brought her to The Haven where he was going to murder her. Detective Frank Kohanek and Prince Julian Luna arrived in time to save her, and Julian ended Starkweather's life by beheading him with a large, curved blade.
Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray was a vampire of Clan Gangrel and the bodyguard of Julian Luna. He also sired the vampire Cash and many of the other San Francisco Gangrel. Brujah Eddie Fiori and his lieutenant killed Stevie Ray by staking him through the chest with an antenna on top of an office building. Detectives Frank Kohanek and Sonny Toussaint were present. ("The Original Saga")

T[edit | edit source]

Tong overlord
The Tong overlord was a Chinese mobster who ran an illegal gambling den in San Francisco's Chinatown district. Sasha Luna and a group of Brujah robbed the overlord's gambling house and he unmasked her, enabling him to positively identify her later. Julian Luna had to pay back the Tong just to keep them from seeking revenge against her. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")
Brujah Eddie Fiori often worked out with a weight trainer during his stay in San Francisco. ("The Original Saga")

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Y[edit | edit source]

Young cop
This unnamed young police officer was one of several such men who responded to an incident taking place at The Haven. He assisted in breaking up a fight between the vampires known as Cash and Starkweather. ("The Nightstalker")

Z[edit | edit source]

Zane was a Toreador vampire and the progeny of Lillie Langtry. He was a musician and songwriter and embodied the lifestyle of the out-of-control rocker. Zane embraced a groupie named Grace Dugan against her will and found himself addicted to the idea of creating his own followers. As this was a violation of kindred law, Julian Luna declared a blood hunt against him. Lillie Langtry was selected to administer the execution of her own childe. ("Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse")

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