Judith Collins
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Judith Collins
Franchise: Dark Shadows
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Independently wealthy
Gender: Female
Location: Collinwood, Collinsport, Maine
Known relatives: Edward Collins [1]
Quentin Collins [2]
Carl Collins [3]
Gregory Trask [4]
Charity Trask [5]
Status: Deceased by virtue of time era
Born: 1853
1st appearance: Episode 702
Final: Episode 804
Actor: Joan Bennett

Judith Collins is a supporting character featured on the ABC daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, which aired for five years from 1966-1971. Played by actress Joan Bennett, she was introduced in episode 702 in March, 1969. The character is part of a storyline commonly referred to as the "1897 Flashback".

Overview[edit | edit source]

Judith Collins was a member of the wealthy Collins family in Collinsport, Maine. She was born in the year 1853 and was active during the tumultuous events that affected the household in the year 1897. Judith was the second oldest of four siblings, which included her older brother Edward, her brother Carl and her youngest brother, Quentin. Judith was briefly married to Worthington Hall administrator Gregory Trask.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Growing up, Judith always resented her younger brother Quentin, mostly because of his abrasive demeanor and cruel comments. As with Edward and Carl, this colored Judith's opinion towards Quentin, which endured well into adulthood.

In 1897, Judith Collins became the primary caretaker of the family's aging matriarch, Edith Collins. Edward was often away on business. Quentin had left Collinwood a year earlier and Carl was too irresponsible, so it fell to Judith to look after her. As with the others, Judith coveted wealth and power, but also wanted to know the truth about the family's great dark secret, which Edith proclaimed she would only tell to Edward upon her deathbed.

Quentin Collins returned home to a bittersweet reception after spending a year abroad. Judith was not at all happy to see him and even offered him $1,000 of her personal savings if he would agree to leave. When this failed to satisfy Quentin, she even offered him an additional $500 in the form of a check, but this too Quentin refused. In truth, he was holding out for something bigger - his grandmother's inheritance. [6]

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