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Joe Haskell
Joe Haskell 001.jpg
Joe Haskell
Notability: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Collinsport, Maine
Known relatives: Chris Jennings [1]
Amy Jennings [2]
Tom Jennings [3]
Maggie Evans [4]
Quentin Collins [5]
Status: Deceased [6]
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 2
Final: Dark Shadows: 658
Actor: Joel Crothers

Joe Haskell is one of the central figures on the 1960s television series Dark Shadows. Played by actor Joel Crothers, he debuted in the second episode of the series and was a mainstay character until his final appearance in episode 658 on January 1st, 1969. Crothers also played the role of Lt. Nathan Forbes during the 1795 flashback storyline. In the 1991 Dark Shadows revival series, Haskell was played by Michael T. Weiss. Initially, Joe Haskell was presented as the lover of young Carolyn Stoddard, but was later attached to love interest Maggie Evans with whom he maintained an on-again/off-again relationship throughout the course of the show.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Deteriorating sanity[edit | edit source]

An injured and mentally distraught Joe Haskell escaped from Josette's room. He found Barnabas napping in his chair downstairs and tried to strangle him with a curtain cord. Sarah Johnson arrived just in time and Joe, believing that he had killed Barnabas, fled from the house. He sought shelter at the Collins family mausoleum where he was discovered by Roger and Elizabeth, who brought him back to Collinwood to recuperate. (DS 614)

Joe eventually returned to Collinsport. Amy Jennings saw the mark of the mark of the pentagram on Joe's face. (DS 648)

Joe reconnected with Chris Jennings and admonished him for not spending more time with Amy. (DS 649)

Chris Jennings transformed into the werewolf and attacked Joe at the Evans cottage, but Joe was able to escape with little injury. (DS 652/653) He soon however, discovered the truth about his cousin's condition when he watched him transform in his room at the Collinsport Inn. (DS 654)

Driven irrevocably insane, Joe sought to protect Amy from Chris. He sneaked into Collinwood late at night and abducted Amy in the hopes of protecting her. (DS 655)

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Joe Haskell was one of the few main characters not represented in the 1970 film House of Dark Shadows. Actor Joel Crothers had left the series by this point.
  • Joe Haskell ived on Dock Street in Collinsport. [7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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