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Walking Dead 2x05 005
Franchise: The Walking Dead
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Farmhand
Gender: Male
Location: Greene farm, Georgia
Status: Dead
Born: 1995
Died: 2012
1st appearance: "Bloodletting"
Final: "Beside the Dying Fire"
Actor: James Allen McCune

Jimmy is a supporting character featured on the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. Played by actor James Allen McCune, he was introduced in the season two episode, "Bloodletting" and made ten appearances in the series in total.

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Jimmy was a ranch hand who worked for Hershel Greene on his farm in Georgia. He was romantically tied to Hershel's daughter, Beth. Jimmy heroically sacrificed himself to save Rick Grimes and his son Carl when zombie walkers overtook the barn on the estate.

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  • It's a good thing that Jimmy never survived the bite, or else he'd have to change his name to Jimmy Walker, and we already have a Jimmie Walker, and the Earth don't need two of them.

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