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Jimmy (Halloween II - 1981)
Franchise: Halloween
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Paramedic
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Status: Deceased
Died: May, 1979
1st appearance: Halloween II (1981)
Final: Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode #2
Actor: Lance Guest

Jimmy, surname unknown, is a fictional medic and a supporting character featured in the Halloween multimedia franchise. Played by actor Lance Guest, he appeared in the 1981 sequel film Halloween II.


Jimmy was an ambulance driver and EMT. His little brother, Ziggy, went to school with Laurie Strode. Jimmy watched over Laurie when she was taken to the hospital, following an attack by her psychotic older brother, Michael Myers.

Later, he discovered Virginia Alves' corpse drained of its' blood and slipped in it, hitting his head on the floor. He then discovered Laurie hiding inside of a car and helped her escape from Michael' second attack after he tracked her down to the hospital.

Jimmy was gravely injured by Michael Myers during this affair and was confined to a wheelchair. The following Spring, he attended graduation at Haddonfield High School. He tried to reconnect with Laurie, who was still suffering severe emotional trauma from her experiences. Laurie snapped at Jimmy, but later regretted her inexcusable rudeness. [1]

Michael Myers broke into Jimmy's home wearing a clown costume similar to the one he wore as a child. He grabbed Jimmy out of his wheelchair and snapped his neck. Laurie happened to be on her way to Jimmy's house at the time and witnessed the entire affair through the window as Michael dropped Jimmy's body to the ground. [2]

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