Jim Lipton
Detective Lipton
Jim Lipton
Aliases: Detective Lipton
Type: Law enforcement
Gender: Male
Location: Ravens Fair
Born: 1969
Died: 2007 (age 38)
1st appearance: Dead Silence (2007)
Actor: Donnie Wahlberg

Detective Jim Lipton is a supporting character featured in the 2007 film Dead Silence. He was played by actor Donnie Wahlberg.

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Jim Lipton was a 38 year old homicide detective investigating the brutal murder of Lisa Ashen. He immediately suspected her widower, Jamie Ashen, of killing her and interrogated him at length. He followed Jamie to the town of Ravens Fair, hoping that Jamie might do something to incriminate himself. Jamie tried to tell Lipton that a doll that once belonged to a dead ventriloquist named Mary Shaw was responsible for his wife's murder, but Lipton didn't believe him. As Lipton became more involved with the intrigues surrounding Jamie's life, he came to realize that Jamie was telling the truth. The ghost of Mary Shaw was committing murders, using her old stage dummies as the instruments of her wrath. Lipton and Jamie went to the old and rundown abandoned Guignol Theater where they had hoped to put an end to the restless spirit once and for all by destroying her dolls. Mary Shaw projected her spirit from one of her dolls and attacked Lipton, killing him and tearing out his tongue in the process. [1]

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