Jill Metzner
Jill Metzner
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Murder victim
Gender: Female
Known relatives: Jake Metzner (father; deceased)
Sally Metzner (mother; deceased)
Billy Metzner (brother; deceased)
Status: Deceased
1st appearance: Jack Frost
Actor: Shannon Elizabeth

Jill Metzner is a supporting character and victim featured in the 1997 horror/comedy film Jack Frost and was played by actress Shannon Elizabeth in her film debut.

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Jill is the oldest child of Jake and Sally Metzner and the older sister of Billy Metzner, residing in Snowmonton. She is shown to have an attraction to a boy named Tommy Davrow, who feels the same way too as he creates a snowwoman for the snowman contest based on her. After the death of her brother Billy, she is accused by her father of not loving her brother as she would rather go out and fool around with Tommy than mourn at home like a loving sister. With everyone busy at a town meeting regarding the curfew set by Agent Manners and being unaware her parents have been killed after she left the home, Tommy and Jill fool around in Sheriff Sam Tiler's home.

While taking a bath, Tommy is killed downstairs by Jack Frost, who shoots an icicle through his head. Jill soon finds that the water around her is turning freezing cold before it's revealed Jack is the water in the tub, and her legs and arms are stuck inside of the snowman and his carrot nose is now acting as a penis. Jack proceeds to have sex with Jill while slamming her head repeatedly against the wall of the bathtub as she screams for her life, and as a useless bystander waves her through the window. She later collapses to the floor dead with her blood oozing out of her mouth as he says "Looks like christmas came a little early this year. Well, hope it was good for you, Honey."

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  • Techically, in the sequel where Jack has Children, they are techically her kids as Jack raped her.
  • Her death also proves that Jack was a rapist.

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