Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
Aliases: Jesus of Nazareth
Type: Clergy
Gender: Male
Location: Judea, Nazareth, Gailee
Known relatives: God [1]
Mary [2]
Joseph [3]
Humperdoo [4]
Status: Formerly deceased?
Born: December 25th, 0 AD [5]
Died: 33 AD [6]
1st appearance: Holy Bible
Actor: Tyson Ritter

Jesus of Nazareth, most commonly referred to as Jesus Christ is a Biblical figure of Christian lore. He is represented as the son of God and of Mary, who became pregnant with him through immaculate conception. Mary's husband Joseph seemed to be pretty cool with this. Little is known of the early life of Jesus save for his birth, where it is said that he was born in a manger beneath the light of a great star and was attended by his parents, as well as three wise men. As an adult, Jesus became a missionary of the Jewish faith and allegedly performed several miracles, such as curing the lame and turning water into wine. There were many however, who felt that Jesus' claims of being the prophet of God were blasphemy, so measures were taken to put an end to all of this. He was arrested and publicly crucified at Golgotha. By allowing himself to be killed, Jesus washed away the sins of mankind. It is said that he was resurrected three days later and ascended bodily into Heaven. Many believe that Jesus Christ is prophecized to return to Earth somebody, but so far this has yet to occur. The religion known as Christianity is based on his teachings. The birth of Jesus is celebrated annually in many countries on December 25th, and is known as Christmas. The holiday of Easter is celebrated to commemorate Christ's resurrection.

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  1. Biological father; the Almighty. The Big G.
  2. Biological mother, deceased.
  3. Stepfather, deceased.
  4. Descendant according to the Preacher comic book series and television series.
  5. This is likely in error, but many commemorate this day as the Birth of Jesus.
  6. Original death said to have occurred when Jesus was 33-years-old. Resurrected three days later.
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