Series: Puppet Master film series
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Assassin
Gender: Male
Location: Bodega Bay Inn, Los Angeles County, California
Status: Active
Born: 1939
1st appearance: Puppet Master

The Jester is a fictional killer doll and a recurring item featured in the Puppet Master film series by Full Moon Entertainment. It was introduced in the first installment in the franchise, Puppet Master in 1989.

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Jester is the name attributed to a doll that was animated by way of the Egyptian Rites of Afterlife. He was crafted by a French toy maker named Andre Toulon in 1939. The Jester was the last doll that Toulon had made prior to committing suicide in a room in the Bodega Bay Inn. The Jester had the appearance of a medieval court jester with a sectional head that had three distinct pieces. Each section rotated at an opposing direction from the other piece. The lower mandible piece could reveal either a wicked smile, or a frown. Of all of the animated dolls in Toulon's cadre, Jester was considered the "brains" of the group and was said to be absolutely merciless. [1]

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