Jerusalem's Lot
Jerusalem's Lot (story)
Jerusalem's Lot
Title: Jerusalem's Lot
Author: Stephen King
Country: USA
Genre: Occult
Published in: Night Shift
Publication date: February, 1978

"Jerusalem's Lot" is a short story of the horror genre. It was written by author Stephen King and first published in his 1978 anthology book, Night Shift.

Appearances Edit

Featured characters Edit

  • Charles Boone

Supporting characters Edit

  • Calvin McCann
  • James Robert Boone
  • Mrs. Cloris

Antagonists Edit

  • James Boon (Referenced only)

Minor characters Edit

  • Bones (Referenced only)
  • Marcella Boone (As a corpse only)
  • Philip Boone (Referenced only)
  • Randolph Boone (As a corpse only)
  • Robert Boone (Referenced only)

Organizations Edit

  • James Boon's cult

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • "Jerusalem's Lot" is the first story featured in Night Shift. There are twenty stories presented in the book in total.
  • "Jerusalem's Lot" serves as something of a prequel to the novel Salem's Lot, though there is very little in common between the two stories other than setting.

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