Jenny Christina Tate is a character in Cursed and is Becky Morton's friend and Ellie Myers's friend and college roommate and is played by Mya and also by Bailee Madison (as a child). She is chased, attacked, killed and ripped apart to her death in the elevator after the werewolf stares numerous times at her. She is also the only dead girl who is in her funeral.

Status: Deceased

Family; Parents/Killed by Werewolf

Older Brother/Bobby (alive)

Maternal Aunt/Kara (alive)

Maternal Uncle/Thomas (alive)

Maternal Grandparents (alive)  

Paternal Grandparents/Killed by werewolf


While going to her car and looking for Ellie, Jenny is attacked by the werewolf losing her cat-ears and purse. The werewolf chases her all the way to the elevator. Jenny tries to call someone, but she is faced by the wolf and tries to escape up while saying "Help me!, Help me, Ellie!" but then falls back down and she tries to see is anyone is out there. She screams and is attacked and killed by the wolf to her death (off-screen) ripped away.

After DeathEdit

When Ellie returns home, she tells her brother about the bad news that Jenny Tate has been killed by a werewolf. She is later seen at her funeral.

Childhood LifeEdit

When she was an 8-year-old little girl, Jenny Tate (Bailee Madison) and her family worked on the crops and appeared in Scarecrow. Her parents and paternal grandparents were killed by a werewolf and their family farmhouse was destroyed also by a werewolf. She and her older brother Bobby Tate currently live in Los Angles with their maternal aunt, uncle and grandparents.