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Jennifer Tilly is an American actress born in Harbor City, California on September 16th, 1958. She was born Jennifer E. Chan to a used car salemsan, Harry Chan and a schoolteacher named Patricia. When she was five, she moved to Texeda Island in British Columbia, Canada where she lived with her mother and stepfather, John Ward. As a youth, Jennifer attended Belmont High School in Victoria, British Columbia. Following high school, she relocated back to the United States where she attended college at Stephen College in Missouri, earning herself a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Jennifer Tilly's first professional television work was playing a character named Laurie in the "Madeline Acts Forward at the Retreat" episode of Oh Madeline. Her first work in the horror genre was the 1995 erotica film Embrace of the Vampire starring Alyssa Milano. In 1998, Jennifer became a horror movie staple playing lovesick serial killer-turned-doll Tiffany in Ronny Yu's Bride of Chucky. Tilly reprised the role of Tiffany, and also played herself in the film's campy 2004 sequel Seed of Chucky. Between the two films, Jennifer played Madame Leota in the 2003 Disney film The Haunted Mansion starring Vampire in Brooklyn actor Eddie Murphy. In 2008, Jennifer played Miss Perry in The Caretaker.

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